Direct or Name hires are Filipino workers who are able to secure an overseas employment opportunity with an employer without the assistance or participation of any agency. Although your future employer would take care of the requirements (plane tickets, work visa etc.), you must still have certain documents processed at the POEA.

Getting a job abroad is an opportunity to broaden your skills and knowledge and be as adaptable enough in different working environments. Filipinos have been known to perform well and exceed expectations of their employers locally and internationally.

That’s why it cannot be denied the high demand of Filipino workers for direct hire in several countries.

OEC is a very important document for OFWs, whether first time or working and returning to the Philipines since this will serve as your exit clearance before you can leave the country. If you are a direct hire, you will need to go to POEA to acquire an OEC.

For first time OEC applicants, do not forget to register and set an OEC appointment schedule at

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POEA: How to Apply Legally for Work Abroad
Direct Hire Requirements

How to Get an OEC for Direct Hire

If you’re hired directly, maybe as a medical staff, finance personnel, accountant, or an engineer, through a friend or relative of yours in the countries like Canada, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Dubai, Australia, UAE or Hong Kong, here are your steps to get an OEC.

To relocate and live as immigrants legally, one should have a regular/permanent contract to work abroad for a year or so. A direct hire by a family should undergo process under the direct hiring policy implemented by the POEA to ensure that all OFWs are in the best shape and in the best environment once they are out of the country.

POEA has now banned all Filipino workers from direct hiring of foreign employers. This shall only be possible once an OFW was able to acquire assistance from POEA to attain their Overseas Employment Certificate or better known as OEC.

There will be requirements in order to qualify and obtain such certificate. Although a direct hire from a foreign employer is banned, the POEA exempts the following;


If you passed under those requirements, you’ll have to prepare yourself for different stages of acquiring and passing of requirements to POEA.

💡 For Stage 1, you’ll need to have the following POEA OEC requirements for direct hire:

  1. Passport with validity period of not less than six (6) months
  2. Valid work visa/entry work permit
  3. Employment Contract
    1. Verified by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO)
    2. Authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate for countries with no POLO
  1. Company profile, business permit/Commercial Registration of the employer
  2. POLO endorsement letter addressed to the administrator seeking exemption from the ban on direct hiring
  3. Additional country-specific requirement:
    1. Canada – Labor Market Opinion (LMO), Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for Canadian Letter, and Employer’s Certificate of Registration from ECON
      (Province of Saskatchewan Executive Council) or Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) are required from workers to Saskatchewan in lieu of LMO
    2. USA – Labor Condition Application and Notice of Action
    3. Middle East and African countries – contingency plan issued by the employer
  1. Additional documents to support application:
    1. Certificate of Employment or Business Permit (if self-employed)
    2. Diploma and Transcript of Records (TOR)
    3. NC II/PRC License
    4. Full Detailed Curriculum Vitae or Resume
  2. Proof of Certificate of Insurance coverage covering at least the benefits provided under Section 37-A of RA 8042 as amended
  3. Notarized Statement on how the worker secured his/her employment with attached photocopy of employer’s Passport/ID and contact details

💡 For Stage 2, you’ll need to have the following requirements still agreed by the POEA in order to give you OEC certification:

  1. Valid medical certificate from DOH-accredited medical clinic authorized to conduct medical exam for OFWs;
  2. Pre-employment Orientation Seminar Certificate (PEOS); and
  3. Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) Certificate issued by OWWA

7 Steps in Getting an OEC for Direct Hire:

1. From POEA, you must get a queue number from the security guard at the ground floor. It’s advisable to go there as early as possible so you’ll be able to finish early.

2. You may now proceed to second floor where you’ll submit your documents except for PDOS and verification of all the documents. If you’re already an OFW, you will be then asked to get your record at fifth floor.

3. All your documents will be placed inside of a folder and you will then be asked to fill out forms before getting a schedule for the PDOS which office is on the same floor as well.

4. Once you have obtained your certificate, you will need to have one (1) photocopy of it before proceeding to the re-verification of your documents.

5. For the next step, you will be paying necessary expenses and filled out forms for Pag-IBIG Fund and OWWA Membership. Here are the processing fees:

  • 100 USD for POEA Processing
  • 25 USD for OWWA Membership
  • ₱1,200.00 for Medicare
  • ₱100.00 for Pag-IBIG Fund

6. After payment you will be given your OEC receipt that you will be showing to the airport which will also serve as your permit to enter the country.

7. Once the payment has been made they will give you an OEC Receipt (A 3-copy of receipts that you will be needed to show at the airport)

How did you Find a Job Abroad?

There are two ways that a potential OFW can find work abroad, 💡 one is either through agency-hired which means getting a job through a recruitment agency or 💡 a direct hire which means an employer has contacted and hired you for a job position abroad.

💡 Verification of Agency’s Job Orders by POEA [JobVacancies]

While agency-hired OFWs do not have to worry much about on processing their requirements since the agency will do that for them, the direct hire have to personally work on processing their documents before they can fly abroad.

How to request for exemption from direct hiring policy?

DOLE has already banned OFWs who have been seeking exemptions on direct hiring policy. In accordance to Administrative Order No. 155 [1], series of 2017, no processing and issuance of OEC for all directly hired OFWs shall be undertaken until further orders for they are gathering more relevant information with regards to illegal extortion activities.

Complete List of Direct Hires with Approved POEA Clearance

How to check if I’am passed for Processing through the Direct Hire Assistance Division.

The POEA Direct Hire Assistance Division (DHAD) hereby serves notice to the following
workers whose Clearance from the ban on direct hiring were granted by the Administrator of POEA
and were received by the POEA DHAD.

Just visit: see Instruction below.


Above stated worker may proceed to your respective Regional Centers or Regional Extension
Units, or at Window 6, Second Floor, Direct Hire Assistance Division, Landbased Center from Monday
to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for the issuance of your Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC).
Please bring original and photocopy of your documents.

Please print a copy of this notice and proceed to the Guard-On-Duty to get a schedule for
Step 2 DHAD approval, encoding, releasing, payment of POEA processing fee (PhP equivalent of
US$100.00) and OWWA membership (PhP equivalent of US$25.00). For workers who were processed
at the POEA Regional Offices, your OECs shall be processed through the POEA Regional and Overseas
Coordinating Office.

What are the Direct Hire Benefits?

The benefit of direct hire is mostly in favor of the skilled and professional workers because they don’t need to have to deal with NO placement and processing fees of recruitment agencies. 7

Although this may sound promising, direct hire OFWs are not recorded by POEA and OWWA which puts the employees at great risk abroad.

For more information, you may contact POEA’s contact number: 722-11-44 / 722-11-55 or email them at or visit their website POEA is located at Ortigas Ave, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila.

Sure enough, obtaining requirements might be quite a job for most of us, especially the expenses we have to endure, along with the time and effort we have to poured in just to slowly reach our dreams of offering a better life to our loved ones.

But such requirements being obtain are meant to keep you safe and thoroughly protect your rights as a Filipino working abroad.

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Hi, I am also a direct hire and this is what I did: 1. Send an email to and stating your appeal. I stated my name, position, employer name, deployment city and country. I also attached some supporting documents but I’m not sure if this is necessary. *** I called DOLE direct lines to follow up the next day (Direct Line: 7275523 / 7272121, but upon checking their directory, baka nagbago na? They will include your name in some sort of a memo to be signed by the Secretary. In my experience, to be “considered” for the… Read more »

Chinita Dulce

It was clearly stated that the POEA processing fee is $100 and OWWA is $25 but last July 3 i was able to finished presenting my documents and lastly i have to pay my POEA OWWA Processing fee and to my surprise i have to pay 6,306. 25 pesos for POEA processing fee and 1, 324.75 pesos for owwa. I asked the counter why $100 is more that 6 thousand pesos while infact that day dollar is just between 52 to 53 pesos. The lady at the counter answered, ” It’s the amount that was put in the system for… Read more »


This process is taking up time, money and effort to get an opportunity outside.

Why generalize everything?


PROCESSING EMPLOYMENT DOCUMENTS TO WORK OVERSEAS (SO CALLED AS DIRECT HIRE OR NAME HIRE) Finding an overseas job without the assistance of a recruitment agency is called a direct hire or name hire. Some of the benefits of finding work this way are •Direct contact with your OVERSEAS PRINCIPAL OR MAIN AGENT. You are in touch with them from the beginning. •A feeling of fulfillment. You negotiate it all to your own satisfaction. •Fewer complications. •A learning experience you can share with others. What You Need for a Direct Hire Many Filipinos find work abroad in this manner, but they… Read more »

Ang kakapal ng mga accredited na agency month salary ?bkit jayo hinahayaan ng governo na mamera sa mga ofw ng ganyan.lhat kayong meron dito sa pinas cla mismo nagkakampihan para tayong mga mahirap lalong maghirap.samantalang cla nmn nagpakasasa sa pera ng mga mahirap…saan na ang bagong governo natin ha nkaka stress dito sa pinas walang trabho ngayon nkahanap tayo magandang offer na trabho rapps ganyan governo natin


ban pa rin po b yung issuance ng OEC sa direct hire?caregiver po me sa New Zealand


Hello Everyone. I went to POEA last week and they evaluated my documents. I was told to complete the following list to be granted with Ban Exemption and OEC. It’s going to be the new procedure as per my discussion with the Evaluator at the DIRECT HIRE Division.

I have spoken to my Employer in New Zealand and they are hesitant to process authentication of our contract in POLO Australia. That’s right, POLO Australia. I was told that there is no POLO in NZ and that NZ Employers must authenticate contracts through POLO Australia.


Hello po ano po ba next step gagawin direct hire po ang anak ko at may visa na for New Zealand.


Teacher po ako sa Japan last year, umuwi po ako after I finished my contract due to maternity situation. Now my former employer wants to hire me again. There are 5 Filipinos already working in our school. Will it be a problem kung nore than 5 na kami? Can they hire me again directly or do I need a recruitment agency? Thank you.

Jhun Pidlaoan

hi admin of POEA.. ask lang PO direct hire PO kasi ako, pumunta ako sya POEA edsa at nakahanap ako ng agency. binigay ko lahat ng documents na binigay ng employer ko working visa, job contract, passport at ba. bakit PO ako hinihingan ng agency ng half ng salary ko at 800 para sya processing fee.? sinabi ko sya agency n direct hire ako at di ko kailangan magbayad sya kanila ang employer ko ang may sagot. ngayon po naipit ung papers ko sya kanila 1month na ako nag tatanung sya status . pati employer ko n iinip n run..


Hello po,
I studied in New Zealand and got a job that eventually supported my work visa. Do I still need to get this OEC? And my partner is under worker work visa, does she need to apply still for this OEC? Thank you po.



Would you know the processing time for the OEC for direct hires – from registration to actual issuance of the clearance?



No. I meant how long does it take before they issue the OEC?


can you please po if which clinic that its connected from poea for our security good result.
because im also direct hired for doha qatar by the month of July

thank you po..and god bless


Can anyone tell me how long this process will take?

Raymund Gesalan

hi!paano po kukuha ng oec pag derict hire po kami may visa na po kami.. at ano po mga requirements?

Christine Joan Gabayan

Good day po. I’ll be working in a government hospital in Germany and have applied for employment visa, awaiting approval. My employment contract is already authenticated by the Phil. Embassy in Germany. I would like to know if I could apply for OEC here in Cebu? As to PDOS, can I apply online and have my certicate? Kindly advise. Thank you very much.


I just called poea and they said ban ang issuance ng oec for direct hires unless you have an agency to process it for you.


May alam ba kayong agency na pwede magprocess? If yes, how much?


Hi. i need badly a help from you guy’z i’m one of those under to the direct hired and i heard that the poea ban the direct hired especially, those on the private now my problem is i all ready have a contracts with my employer i all ready have the documents please help me what to do?please


same here merun ako issue about sa direct hired or named hired hindi ko alam paano processing ng pag kukuha ng agency para sa pag asikaso ng ng mga documents para makakuha ng OEC sinu may alam na pwede po akong tulungana, may VIsa Copy na ako at may job offer. kasi dito na ako nakapagsign ng job offer through email anu po gagawin. PLEASE HELP ME.FIRST TIME KO PO

May iba pa bang paraan para makakuha ng OEC ng d na dadaan sa agency?


Ano pong agency kayo nagpatulong sa OEC processing? Magkano po ang bayad? Thank you


For Direct hire/ Named hire *only two options* Note: Regardless if you have: A. working visa – granted by immigration B. Job offer – provided directly by your employer C. Flight ticket 1. Go under Agency (legal) – they will re-process your work visa and job offer. – they will have to talk to your employer about your contract – pay massive amount of you know what *fee* of course. – means your job offer and work visa would be useless( since you will have to get a new visa and contract that you are under the agency ) LOOK… Read more »


No more direct hires…just went to POEA last week to confirm this and they said direct hires are banned. But the exemption of this are professionals like engineer, doctors, etc…


Section 124. Exemption from the Ban on Direct Hiring. The following are exempted from the ban on direct hiring:

A. Members of the diplomatic corps;
B. International organizations
C. Heads of state and government officials with the rank of at least deputy minister;

i was there at POEA last week ayan lang allowed or pasok sa direct hired or name hired mga companing kamaga anak nh toyal or may hawak or under government. so pinapahanap ako ng agency yun nalang ang best option dahil ban ang direct hired since August ..


kaya yun ,kinausap ko ung company ko na mghahanap ako ng agency tpos kausapin nila sa usapan ng pglakad ng agency ko .ang sabi skin kakausapin ung manager na i endorse ako sa mismo na company din nila na agency pra mka alis sa pinas. hirap humanap dto tpos depends pa sa usapan niu. try niu ung accredited tlga ng POEA na agency ang byarin dun daw is placement fee or katumbas ng sahud niu ng usang buwan kayu din mgbbyad sa lhat ng iprocess pti ung medical


Nag apply po ako ng direct hire sa nixon family sa new zealand nka post po kasi sa web page ng POEA.Sabi po ng employer sila na daw po bahala sa lahat ng travel documents ko humihingi lang po sila ng P23,500 para sa processing visafirst global po yun ng a assists para sa visa and other travel docs.Pa help nman po kung ok lang talaga na magbayad ako ng ganun halaga, sa western union pa daw po ipapadala ang pera sa branch nila sa US.


Hi! Anybody found a reputable agency that can help process accreditation/certification? I am a programmer and supposed to be bound for Germany, kaso late ko na nalaman na ban ang direct hire, kung kelan OEC nalang ang kulang. Walang proper dissemination of information. Ang tagal ko ngpprocess, wala naman akong nakitang ban na ang direct hire at kailangan pa dumaan sa agency pa. Ano pa silbi nung direct hire when you still have to pay out a large processing fee. Hindi biro ang 1 month salary, I wouldn’t mind paying a processing fee, pero 1 month worth of your salary… Read more »

jeffrey villacacan

Direct hire po aq.. pd po ba aq nlnh ang kukuha ng oec at hndi kna ipapadaan sa agency. Pkisagot nmn po. Slmt


Sino po ang may maisuggest na magandang recruitment agency na nagpapaalis for Japan…? May alam ako kaso lang ayaw ng employer q sa kanila kasi pinaghihintay sila…so hanap na naman ulit ako ng agency…please po urgent lang.


Kahit ba professional need pa din ng agency?


Hindi pa siya nalift actually. It’s currently being reviewed daw. In my case kasi, sa DOLE na ko nakipag usap because POEA said na they can’t process my papers unless may agency ako. But I explained my side, masyadong malaki ang 1 month salary na hinihingi ng agency, then, ayun nakaappeal ung application ko ng OEC sa POEA na for approval.


Nag email ako sa knila, taz kwinento ko yung side ko..then, they asked for few details (nagreply sila after 2 days) tapos ayun, sila nag appeal sa POEA. But I am not sure kung approved or hindi, magfollow up palang ulit ako..hanapin mo ung email address ng DOLE. Ngapala, I am not sure sa ibang OFW ha but since you asked Yung sa professional, so Yun ang sinasagot ko..hehe


Janhen, nagtext ako sayo. 🙂


I have a job offer in Malaysia. The agent was processing my work permit and then we saw their quotation for the whole process. It would cost more than Php 120k for the whole thing. Normally, their foreign workers only cost them Php 60k. So ngayon, nagulat yung employer ko at hindi pumayag, hati daw kami 50-50 and I don’t have that much money or willing to pay that much. Wala akong kilala OFW sa industry ko (advertising) who had to go through the same. Basically, the Php 70,000 pesos is going to through their processing/handling documents and “POEA Company… Read more »


Kabayan please po waq niu kontakin ung # dyan sa taas ,..Thank you and goodluck sa ating lahat.


I see. Ung contract ba dapat authenticated, would you know?

Joseph Penarroyo

Hi! My employer have a problem with their existing agency tie up. The employer wants me to be hire as direct, do you think after submitting all the requirements for direct hire, POEA will process it? I am afraid that POEA will ask me to go back to agency or POEA will ask additional documents to prove that the employer is real. What do you think?


Ask ko lng po kung direct hire po ba matatawag ung lilipat lng po kmi s ibang bansa pero same employer din po???


Saan pong website nakalagay na “ban ang direct hire applicant in acquiring OEC?”


Hi. Same din po naging problem ko when I was leaving the Philippines. Hinanapan ako OEC and I didnt know na kelangan pala. First time OFW po ako. Napayagan pa din ako umalis kasi I declared na Tourist ako pero pinasulat ako ng Imiigration natin na I have to go back at a certain date since pinabili nila ako ng return ticket right there sa NAIA. May working VISA na din ako and Im a direct hire. ang worry ko is pag umuwi ako to fix OEC e magka problem naman ako because direct hire ako. Any recommendations will be… Read more »

rey buggs

updated ba tong post na ito about sa pagkuha ng oec for direct hire? kasi the regional office at baguio didn’t recognize yung third na exemption. my employer is my relative in canada. they insist that i am included sa ban for direct hire. what to do? please update this post.


Hello! First time out of the country to work ako. I already have a ticket to Vietnam and leaving on November 15. I just found out about this direct hire ban. Pero I will be there for a little over a month lang and then babalik sa Pinas for one week tapos balik Vietnam again. Hindi ba puede cross country every time mag expire yung 21 visa free days? Or apply for extended tourist visa? Kasi nasa Vietnam lang ako hanggang mid February.


omanfil search


Hi guys, Direct hire ako. Polo refused to verify my documents so I went to DOLE and I was able to speak with him today. Deployment : Tokai City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan Job title: English Nursery Teacher Just want to share what happened today. So eto na nga po, I personally spoke with Secretary Bello of DOLE today! He clearly said na walang ban sa Japan for direct hires, if POLO in japan refuse to verify the docs, Ill let him know and sya mismo ttwag sa attache sa POLO tokyo pra sa “go signal”. Nakakaconfuse na ang process nila… Read more »


Hi! san po nkukuha yung addendum para hindi na maghintay ng authentication ng contract?


Hi. Same with you, I am not aware of the Direct Hire Ban. My worries now is the issuance of OEC since strict sa POEA ngayon. I called them many times and isa lang lumusot at may nakausap akong matino. And need nga dumaan ng agency. Ayoko sanang gumastos and sana nga maging ok yung appeal ko sa DOLE. Baka mainis na din ang employer ko sakin pag nagkataon. Bdw, yung letter of appeal ko is employer ko ang gumawa, sila din ang nagsend thru email and post. Dito ko lang nabasa na pwede ko palang ifollow up sa kanila… Read more »


hello po,
tumawag din po ako sa POEA, banned daw ang direct hiring ngayun kailangan agency po mag.apply po para daw ang agency ang maghanap sa employer abroad if ever may mangyari sa worker.
pero according to your post is pwd naman mag direct hire kung aaprobahan ng Secretary of Labor under POLO, authenticated contract or relative na nagwowork dun. so meaning pwd pa din as long As pasok ka kay Secretary??

Jel santos

Hi…mam..mgttnung LNG poh kung panu poh ggwin s pagprocess ng papers direct hire s how long the process..