Here’s Your Updated Bank of America Routing Number

Bank of America (also known as BOA) is one of the most popular banking and financial services providing companies in the U.S. and is known for its superior banking and financial services and excellent customer service management.

In recent years, Bank of America has undergone significant growth and has expanded to nearly all parts of the country, which allows them to provide superior banking and financial services.

But to avail of these services, you need to know your BOA routing number and Bank of America wire routing number, which has become a bit difficult considering the bank now has so many branches across all of the countries.

But do not worry; this article will guide you on how to determine your BOA routing number and Bank of America wire routing number so you may be able to avail these services.

What is a Bank of America routing number?

The routing number, also called ABA routing transit number (RTN), is a 9-digit unique code that references the branch where a person has opened their bank account. A routing number is very important because it tells other banks were to deposit money in case of a fund transfer.

The critical point is that the routing number is not the same thing as the account number. Account number refers to the specific account that a person has and must be kept private to prevent theft. On the other hand, the routing number is for the branch of the bank where the account is opened.

Why is the Bank of America routing number needed?

Routing numbers can be required in a number of cases. Mostly, they are used when a bank user wants to set up a direct deposit connection or make a one-time transaction. Routing numbers may also be required in the reordering of checks, payment of consumer bills, or tax payments.

As the routing number is required in several places, it is recommended that you write the number down on paper or in your mobile notes and keep it, so you don’t have to worry about finding it later when you need to use it.

Bank of America routing numbers for each state

Before we get into the process of finding the Bank of America routing number, it is important to note that the routing number is not based on a person’s current location; rather, it references the location where the person opened their bank account.

BOA has undergone so much expansion and has opened so many branches all over the U.S. that their routing numbers are a bit more complex than for some other banks. Some states have multiple routing numbers, each depending on subregions within it.

The first thing is that you can look on this chart below to see what your state’s BOA routing number is:

State Routing Number
Alabama 51000017
Alaska 51000017
Arizona 122101706
Arkansas 82000073
California 121000358
Colorado 123103716
Connecticut 11900254
Delaware 31202084
Florida, East 63100277
Florida, West 63100277
Georgia 61000052
Hawaii 51000017
Idaho 123103716
Illinois, South 81904808
Illinois, North 71000505
Illinois, Chicago Metro 81904808
Indiana 71214579
Iowa 73000176
Kansas 101100045
Kentucky 51000017
Louisiana 51000017
Maine 11200365
Maryland 52001633
Massachusetts 11000138
Michigan 72000805
Minnesota 71214579
Mississippi 51000017
Missouri East/St. Louis 81000032
Missouri West/Kansas City 81000032
Montana 51000017
Nebraska 51000017
Nevada 122400724
New Hampshire 11400495
New Jersey 21200339
New Mexico 107000327
New York 21000322
North Carolina 53000196
North Dakota 51000017
Ohio 71214579
Oklahoma 103000017
Oregon 323070380
Pennsylvania 31202084
Rhode Island 11500010
South Carolina 53904483
South Dakota 51000017
Tennessee 64000020
Texas, North 111000025
Texas, South 113000023
Texas, South 111000025
Utah 123103716
Vermont 51000017
Virginia 51000017
Washington 125000024
Washington, D.C. 54001204
West Virginia 51000017
Wisconsin 51000017
Wyoming 51000017

Now you can try finding your routing number according to your state from this chart. It is possible that you do not find your routing number here on this chart but do not worry as there are several other ways by which you can find your BOA routing number.

Finding Bank of America routing number bank check:

Bank of America Routing Numbers Check
Another method that one can use to identify their routing number is to look for it on their checkbook. Each check on the checkbook has the account number of the person and routing number of the branch printed out on the bottom left-hand corner.

Mostly, the routing number is written on the left side, and the bank account number follows it. If you still have a doubt regarding which one is which, just count the number of digits in the number; the routing number is always 9-digit.

Finding Bank of America routing number online:

In this age of mobile and online banking, it is reasonable to assume that some bank consumers do not have checkbooks at all. But they do not need to worry either as there are other ways to find a routing number.

A person using online banking services can check their routing number through their online account. You just need to log into your account and select the account which is in question (savings, checking, etc.). On the top side, multiple tabs will appear, out of which you have to select the “Information & Services tab,” which will be on the far right.

After clicking, this tab two routing numbers will appear: one will be for paper and electronic transfer, and one will be for wire transfers. The “paper and electronic” transfers option is the ABA routing number that you need.

If you prefer using the mobile application, then go to your account details scroll down. There you will see the number under the account information section.

Finding Bank of America routing number by contacting customer service:

The last and simplest method to identify your routing number is to contact the bank itself. BOA customer service can be reached at the number 1 (800) 432-1000 or at 844-375-7028. The customer service will ask some basic questions to determine the routing number.

Another way to determine your routing number can be to review the FAQ on the Bank of America official site to update your ZIP code which will show you your ABA routing number. Again, the ZIP code needed is for the location where you opened the account, not where you live right now.

Alternatively, a person can physically contact the customer service of Bank of America to identify their routing number. You can walk into the local branch of Bank of America and ask them your routing number, which they will identify after determining the branch where you originally opened your bank account.

Bank of America routing numbers for wire transfers:

For wire transfer, the ABA routing number would not be useful. Wire transfers have a different code called Bank of America wire routing number, which is needed for authentication.

Fortunately, there is no need to go through any boring and tiresome procedure to identify your Bank of America wire routing number as it did for the ABA routing number. BOA wire routing numbers are the same for all Bank of America customers and are given below:

  • For domestic wire transfers: 26009593
  • For international wire transfers in USD: BOFAUS3N
  • For international wire transfers in any other currency: BOFAUS6S

For international wire transfer code (also known as SWIFT/BIC code), if you are unsure if you need to transfer money in USD or any other currency, it is best to use the first SWIFT/BIC mentioned in the above codes, which is BOFAUS3N.

Process for receiving a wire transfer in Bank of America account:

In order to receive a wire transfer, you need to know some basic information that will be needed in the process. The information required is given below.

For receiving in USD (or if you are not sure):

  • Bank name: Bank of America, NA
  • Bank address: 222 Broadway, New York, New York 10038 (this is the same for all BOA customers, regardless of the location where the account was opened).
  • BNF/Field 4200 / beneficiary acct. #: Your personal account number, including zeros
  • Beneficiary name and address: Your name and address, exactly as it appears on your bank statement.

For receiving cash in any foreign currency in a Bank of America account:

Receiving a wire transfer in foreign currency requires all the information stated above, apart from the bank address, which changes in this case. The banks address that you need to provide for this purpose is:

555 California St, San Francisco, CA 94104.

An important point to consider is that this address stays the same no matter where your BOA bank account is located.

Wire transfer is an easy and efficient method to transfer large sums of money in or outside the country, so it would be best if you keep this information stored, so you do not have to worry about it at the time of transfer.

Final Thoughts

bank of america routing number list

In this article, I have shown you the most efficient ways to determine your BOA routing number and your Bank of America wire routing number. You can choose any of the above-mentioned methods at your convenience to obtain this necessary information.

It is recommended that you store this information in a safe place so that it is available whenever you need to use them for any banking services from Bank of America.



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