Acquiring Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) could be quite a handful for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) whenever they need to get back to the foreign country they are working after their vacationing in the Philippines.

Since there are now thousands of Filipinos working all over the world, the queue before you can obtain your OEC as a returning OFW should require you to be patient and understanding. The application gets even tougher during special occasions such as holidays and graduation.

Fortunately, the government had come up with an effective and cost-saver way for OFWs to obtain their OEC wherever they are – the Balik-Manggagawa Online Processing System. Now, even at home, OFWs can get their OEC without having to wake up early in the morning and waiting all day long in POEA office just to get an OEC.


Here’s your ultimate guideline on how to have an easy and fast balik-manggagawa process especially during special holidays or for emergency purposes.


What is Balik-Manggagawa (BM) Online Processing System?

The Balik-Manggagawa (BM) is an online appointment system that you can access through POEA’s website so that you won’t have to go to POEA’s office or OEC Processing Center just to get an OEC. This online registration form is only meant for OFWs who are going back to the same employer at the same country and had a record with POEA.

Requirements when getting an OEC?

Basic document requirements

  • Passport with at least six (6) months validity from departure date.
  • Valid work visa, work permit, or any equivalent document
  • Verified employment contract or offer of employment
  • Printed Balik-Manggagawa Information Sheet

What do I need to get an OEC?

To get an OEC, an OFW should have the following the requirements:
1 A passport with at least six (6) months validity from date of departure;
2 Legal work visa, permit and/or any equivalent document;
3 Employment contract; and
4 Balik-Manggagawa Information Sheet.

How important is OEC Balik-Manggagawa to OFW?

You may be wondering why many OFWs line up just to get their OEC? OEC is vital for every OFW because this serves as their travel exit clearance – a clear proof that they are documented Filipino that is legally to leave the country and work abroad. It is also use to be exempted in paying travel tax and terminal fee, as well as clearance pass.

What is BM Online and who can use it?

The Balik-Manggagawa Online as previously mentioned is an online processing system that an OFW may use to get and pay for their OEC. All OFWs, exempted or not on obtaining OEC, should register with BM Online System especially for times they will return to the Philippines. Through BM Online, the POEA determines if you are exempted in getting OEC based on the data that they currently have.

Why I need to register to BM Online to get OEC?

Using BM Online to get an OEC will save you trouble and time on your pre-departure since you will be referred to Labor Assistance Counter (LAC) if you haven’t registered yet. Aside from that, online acquisition of OEC saves you time and effort that you can use to spend more time with your loved ones.

BM Online System: A Balik Manggagawa OFW’s Step by Step Guide

How to Register in BMonline For New User

Here are the 4 Easy steps to follow with pictures below.
1. Go to official website
2. For new users: Fill out and Sign Up
You Need to Input: Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Birth Date, Gender, Email address, Password.

Please Take Note your Mail should be working. In my case I use GMAIL, buy you can use YAHOO also.

3. Please Click “I accept the Terms of Service” next Click Accept, see Image below.

4. Congratulation! Pop up message will appear “Notice: Your account has been successfully created. You can now login your account.”
5. Please visit your registered E-mail account. Registration Confirmation Link will be sent to your registered E-mail.

6. You need to confirm you email by clicking the link, see the actual message with the blue link.

7. Pop Up Notice will appear: “Your account has been successfully activated. You may now log in.”

How to SIGN IN and Update BMOnline Account?

1. Enter you E-mail Address and Password. And Click Log-In.
2. OEC Number Verification, Employer/Jobsite Confirmation Enter the LAST issued OEC Number and CLICK OK.
3. Employer/Jobsite Confirmation If OEC Was Recognized, confirm Employer and Jobsite details.
Click YES to proceed with online OEC processing
Click NO to set an appointment

How to set an OEC/Balik Manggagawa Appointment Online?

To set-up an appointment online if you prefer regular OEC processing, you will have to perform the following procedures in BM Online.
1. Fill out Personal Data form. And Click Save.

2. Here’s the completed form. For correction/changes CLICK EDIT.
3. Fill out the contract particulars form and Click Save Changes.
4. Fill out Legal Beneficiaries form and Click Save Changes. Click Add Beneficiary as needed.
5. Click Change Photo to upload a profile picture.
6. Click Upload. See on the image.
7. Click Next.
8. Fill out Expected Flight Schedule and Click Submit, see image below.

9. Click YES for final confirmation.

How to pay for OEC via BM Online?

To pay for your OEC using BM online, you must do the following procedures:
1 Upon signing in to your account as an Already Registered user, put in your login credentials.
2 Put in your latest OEC Number.
3 If a record of yours shows up, you will then confirm the registered employer and job employment information.
4 Fill out the required information: personal data, contract particulars, and legal beneficiaries’ forms.
5 On your My Profile, you will have to upload your latest photo and click the next step button on the right bottom part of the page.
6 Fill in your expected flight schedule which should be within the 60-day OEC validity period before clicking in Submit.
7 After final confirmation, click Acquire OEC which will give you payment options: Banks that will be over the counter, banks online, mobile payment or non-banks over the counter. Choose your desired payment option for confirmation.
8 After choosing the preferred bank or payment center, select to have payment instructions sent through your e-mail. If your payment method is GCASH, just enter your Globe number then click Pay.
9 After successfully paying, you may check your account again and go to My Transactions to print your digital OEC.

How to get OEC as first-timer?

Already Registered?          New User?

As a first-timer, you may obtain OEC by following the procedures below:
1 Visit POEA’s website to check the list of requirements. Don’t forget to bring a pen with you and ensure that you’ll be there as early as possible.
2 Ensure that your contract has a repatriation clause. If there’s none available, ask your company to provide it as letterhead then sign it.
3 If you’re directly hired, you will to follow these procedures:

  1. Submit all documents required and obtain referral for your pre-departure orientation seminar (PDOS) and the list of clinics for your medical certificate.
  2. Have a medical check-up and attend the PDOS and have the certificate photocopied.
  3. Return to POEA with completed requirements and pay 100 USD for the POEA processing fee, OWWA membership, PhilHealth Medicare and PAG-IBIG membership.
  4. Have your OEC validated at the OFW counter.

How to get OEC for walk-in clients?

If you’re directly hired by your employer, you will have to apply for an OEC either as a walk-in applicant or through BM Online System. For walk-in applicants you will have to comply with the following:

  1. Provide all the necessary documents needed.
  2. Proceed to POEA Main Office at Ortigas or your preferred regional POEA Office.
  3. You may also opt to go to Labor Assistance Counters at Manila, Cebu, and Mindanao airports

How long is the processing time before getting OEC in POEA?

Getting an OEC from POEA should only take around ten (10) minutes if the OFW has already BM Account. If you’re going to set an appointment online and have already chosen your specific POEA branch, it should only take at least one (1) hour to obtain your OEC as long as you have prepared your documents and payment.

What is OEC Exemption?

OEC Exemption is utilized for OFWs who wouldn’t want to spend their time and effort in the long queue in POEA. However, not all OFWs can acquire an OEC Exemption. To avail the exemption, you have to be the following:

  1. You did not change your employer and will still work for the company.
  2. Going back to the same job site.
  3. Has a record in the POEA database.
    1. There are various ways to obtain your OEC exemption. You may go to a local computer shop because they are well familiar in this procedure. You may also ask an OFW friend on how they’re able to obtain an exemption or you may directly proceed to POEA’s office in Ortigas, Mandaluyong, or Manila and ask about the computer shop in their canteen to have your exemption processed.

How to Apply OEC Exemption: Your Essential Guide on How To Do It

The Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) also known as an “exit pass” is a mandatory requirement for every Overseas Filipino Workers who leaves and goes back to the Philippines Under Philippine Overseas Employment

Administration (POEA) an OFW who holds an OEC is legally documented and protected by the Philippine government.

Likewise, OEC is presented to exit ports in the Philippines to proof the legitimacy of an OFW.

Additionally, holders of this document are not required to pay travel to tax and airport terminal fee.

How to get Balik Mangagawa OEC Exempton Step by Step
Getting an OEC before is one of the most frustrating requirement that an OFW should comply because most of the time it takes a day to get an OEC. However, this time the procedure became more convenient. Using your smartphones, tablets or any gadgets that possess a web browser, you can already get a copy of your OEC anytime anywhere.

If you are an OFW with visa or work permit who is returning to the same employer, returning to the same job site or will just go to spend a vacation. Including those who have already a record of POEA Database. You can avail of the OEC exception. All you just need to do is to sign up or register at and fill in the registration information under “New User”. If you know that you already have a record of POEA database, use the email address you provided. Always secure your email address because it will be your lifetime log in account. In case you forget it, you should contact the System Administrator.

While for those OFW’s who already registered themselves for Balik Manggagawa (BM) Online Processing System, you just need to log in and follow the procedures instructed in the website to know whether you are exempted from securing an OEC or you should secure for it. If you need to secure, you should set an appointment by following the instruction below:
1. Prepare and bring the following on appointment date:

  1. Valid Passport 6 months from the time of departure
  2. Working Visa
  3. Employment or contract.

LOG IN at or

2. For New Users, register in the system using personal email account and click the SIGN ME UP BUTTON. Open email account to click the confirmation link.


3. For Users/Registered, log-in as ALREADY REGISTERED. Enter last issued OEC number. If no record found, set an online appointment and go to preferred POEA office.
4. If record is found, update (a)Personal Data, (b)Contract Particulars, and (c)Beneficiaries, as needed.
5. Click Acquire OEC or Exemption for online assessment. Enter flight date and confirm if returning to the same employer and jobsite.
6. If returning to the same employer and jobsite, the system will display a confirmation message indicating that worker is exempted from OEC and payment of processing fee.
7. On the day of departure, the worker shall observe the following:

  1. Proceed directly to the Airline counter for check in.
  2. Proceed to Immigration Counter to present passport which valid at least six (6) months from the date of departure, valid work visa/permit indicating existing employer and jobsite.
  3. In case work visa does not indicate name of employer, workers may present any of the following:
    1. For company hired: valid employment contract, current employment certificate, valid employment ID, recent payslip.
    2. For domestic workers: valid Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) verified employment contract may be presented.


Travel Tax and Terminal Fee Exemption

The Balik Manggagawa (BM) worker may present the original and photocopy of any proof of overseas employment to the airline counter for Travel Tax Exemption and to Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) counter for Terminal

  1. Fee Exemption.
  2. Valid work visa/work permit;
  3. Valid employment contract;
  4. Current employment certificate;
  5. Valid company ID; and;
  6. Recent pay slip

BM worker is advised to present to the MIAA counter the Airline Ticket Invoice with code Ll International for terminal fee exemption.

What are the benefits of OEC Balik-Manggagawa?

There are benefits in obtaining an OEC Balik-Manggagawa although it’s quite a hard work to obtain one. It serves as the OFW’s permit to work in another country. It also serves as your receipt of payment for your contributions with PHILHEALTH, PAG-IBIG, membership to OWWA and POEA processing fee.
Your Ultimate Credit Card Guide In Philippines for 2019
Money Converter Dollar To (PHP) Philippine Peso

Aside from that, an OEC helps the OFW to be exempted from travel taxes that a usual traveler gets when leaving the country. Also, exemption from airport terminal fees will be given to OFWs once they have presented their OEC.

How OFW rehires can apply for Employment Certificates online?

For OFW rehires in successfully obtaining their Employment Certificates, you must do the following procedures:
1 As an Already Register user, login your credentials.
2 Fill out data needed such as personal data, contract particulars, and legal forms.
3 Input your expected flight schedule.
4 Choose your preferred POEA Office location.
5 Select your desired date and time.
6 A copy of your schedule long with your information shall reflect that you can print for your reference. This may be found under My Transactions.

3 Tips in Applying for an OEC

Here are some tips that you may want to utilize while applying for an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC):

  1. You should bring both photocopy and original of your documents just in case they’ll be needing an extra copy of your files.
  2. Using POEA’s list of requirements as your reference, organized your files so it won’t be a hassle for you to submit your documents.
  3. Of course, don’t forget to bring money for all payments and other fees that may come up upon applying for OEC.

List of OFW Application needed for an OEC

1 OWWA E-card – To get an OWWA E-card, you may do the following:
a. Visit OWWA’s website or Follow this useful tutorial.
b. Input required information.
c. Choose your preferred OWWA Regional Office where you’d obtain your E-Card.
d. Check the Data Privacy Act and input the CAPTCHA needed.
e. After clicking submit, you will receive a tracking number that you may use as your reference for your application.
The benefits of the OWWA E-card is that it gives you the chance to avail the programs and services of OWWA. Just like an OEC, it serves as your exit permit and as your valid ID whenever you are renewing your passport.
2 iDOLE Card – To obtain your iDOLE Card, you must follow these steps:
a. Create a one-stop-ship account by giving your OEC number and other personal information needed.
b. Choose a document ID card in obtaining your iDOLE card.
c. Select your location and preferred date to finally get the physical copy of your card.
3 Direct Hire – For a direct hire to get an OEC, they must do the following:
a. Go to Window 6 or Window 14 and get a number.
b. If called, submit all documents such as passport, contract, working visa and 2×2 photo.
c. Attend a PDOS Seminar and submit Medical Exam.
d. Proceed to OWWA to get a PDOS Seminar.
e. Proceed to POEA again to submit your documents.
f. Go to Window 8 to get your original documents.
g. Go to Window 1 for payment.
4 On-site OWWA Membership – The on-site OWWA Membership Program is meant for the following individuals: a. OFWs whose OWWA membership has expired or OFWs who are first timers. If you’re any of the mentioned individuals, you must do the following:

  1. Original and photocopy of your passport.
  2. Proof of employment such as contract, employment offer, pay slip, or certificate employment form.
  3. Duly accomplished Balik-Manggagawa Information sheet.
  4. Payment amounting to 25 USD.

List of Countries that are off-limits and need not to have OEC or Balik-Manggagawa

Here’s the list of countries that are off-limits to OFWs to ensure safety of Filipino workers:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Somalia
  3. Sudan
  4. Great Lakes Region
  5. Syria
  6. Yemen
  7. Iraq
  8. Chechnya Republic
  9. South Sudan
  10. Iraqi Kurdistan Region
  11. Libya
  12. Ukraine
  13. Palau

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I get OEC at the airport?
For your OEC, you may present your OEC by logging in to the BM Online System. You may either print it or log in into the system and present this on the Immigration counter.
2. How much is the cost for OEC?
For only PHP 119.50, you may obtain your OEC For more Details, please continue…
3. How do I print my OEC from BM Online?
In My Transactions on your BM Online account, you can print a copy of your latest OEC.
4. Is OEC valid for one (1) year?
No, your OEC is valid only for sixty days before the actual period of living the country.
5. Can I travel back to Philippines with expired passport?
The Consulate on where you work may accept your passport only if your passport had expired within the last calendar year; if your passport is not an e-passport; if you have already applied for the renewal of your passport; if you have purchased ticket and you have to go back for urgent and/or emergency purposes.
6. How do I contact POEA?
If you didn’t sign up for a BM Online account and received a confirmation email in error, you can deactivate the account in question by contacting our System Administrator through the email address or landline number 02-7219496/02-7277778.

Bureau of Immigration to Open Pre-Screening Desk to Reduce OFW Offloading

The Bureau of Immigration had opened a pre-screening desk in all airports across the country to attend to the offloading cases of OFWs.

This has risen due to OFWs traveling as tourists but could not explain the reason behind their travel. This also because of OFWs who had failed to complete their documentary requirements.

BI has clarified that an OFW with a valid visa and existing work contract is still considered a tourist if the OFW will go to different countries that is not his/her current employer.

How to get an OEC in South Korea?

For OFWs in South Korea, they can obtain their OEC at the Philippine Labor Office (POLO) and shall bring the following requirements:

  1. Balik-Manggagawa Information Sheet
  2. Original and photocopy of passport
  3. Original and photocopy of valid alien registration card
  4. Valid employment contract.

The OFW may also apply for an OEC through BM Online.

How to get an OEC in Saudi Arabia?

For OFWs working in Saudi Arabia, they are required to bring the following:

    Exit/Re-entry Visa

  1. Copy of the Employer’s Identification Car
  2. IQAMA of the HSW
  3. Roundtrip ticket
  4. Fill out HSW Standard Employment Contract signed by Employer and HSW
  5. Personal Appearance of the HSW

The OFW shall pay SR 113.00 for OEC (SR 9.00), OWWA Membership (SR 94.00) and PAG-IBIG monthly savings (SR 10.00).

Final Thoughts on Balik-Manggagawa

Although the Balik-Manggagawa can be tedious and tiresome, it’s definitely helpful in ensuring the safety of the Filipinos workings abroad. Fortunately, today’s technology had helped that the time of OFWs can be saved through various online technologies that can be utilized in providing OEC for our modern heroes.

Soon enough, various methods will be developed for ease of obtaining of OEC especially for the growing number of Filipinos finding opportunities abroad.

Mobile Log-In
Forgot Password BMOnline
Log-in on BMOnline, PC and Laptop log-in see picture below.

Step 1
Step 2

How OFW Will Be Exempted From Airport Terminal Fee

All Filipino overseas workers or migrant workers can attest to the fact that one of the most anticipated event in their lives is to finally go home to their families.

There’s not a single amount of money that can compare to these hardworking heroes of our country who did their best to give the most comfortable life for their families.

No one wants to leave, let along be separated with your love ones for years. So all the sacrifices of these overseas workers have been paid through this magnificent idea that will surely be adored by different Filipinos workers all over abroad.

And what’s the other thing that awaits for these persistent and diligent workers of the Philippines abroad? They no longer have to pay ₱550.00 terminal fee. Yes, that’s right.

Before, OFWs, out of compulsory, needs to pay for the terminal fee. But fortunately through this new rule, Section 35 of the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipino Act exempts OFWs from paying travel tax, documentary stamp and airport terminal fee, the can have a P550 airport terminal fee when they buy tickets online or in airline ticket offices. They can claim their refund upon departure at the airport terminals.

But since some of the OFWs are still unaware of this new rule, the total collections of the airport terminal fee has reached more than a billion pesos and half of this amount remains unclaimed by OFWs. According to Monreal, all unclaimed amount remains in the general fund of the NAIA.

How to Refund the Terminal Fee for OFW?

For refunding of the fees of all OFWs, as long as they possess the E-ticket, boarding pass and passport they used even several years ago, they are all set to the refund by going to the airport terminals, may it be at NAIA Terminal 4 and such.

Now Philippine travel tax in NAIA and terminal fee, has been off the burden of our overseas Filipino workers and they’ll have the chance to experience how they are valued as Filipinos who represent the country by bringing out the best manpower and services that they could offer to the rest of the world.

This brilliant ideas was described by OFW advocate and former labor undersecretary Susan Ople an “early Christmas gift” for OFWs. Ms. Susan Ople’s cluster was among the first that strongly pushed authorities against keeping the terminal fee in the OFWs’ payment, saying the refund system was cumbersome to the migrant workers and violated their rights.

It’s finally safe to say that all their hard works are paying off in some little ways that would make the me feel like they are being valued by their country.


How to Get Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) in Dubai

To all our Filipino friends in Dubai who are wondering how to get an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) to have a tax exemption from travelling, here is your complete guide on applying and renewing.


The requirements are as follows;

Please make sure to bring an original and extra copies of each.

Passport Should be valid for 6 months from date of departure
Valid Work Visa/ Work Permit It could be an any equivalent document
Proof that you’re returning to the same Employer Employment Contract, Certificate of Employment, Company ID, and Pay slip

How to renew Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) through Philippines Embassy in Dubai?

1. You should fill out the Member Registration Form (MRF) and line up for payment. They will ask for the information of your departure and arrival upon payment.

Pay 10 Dirhams Receipt of PAG-IBIG
Pay 10 Dirhams OEC

2. Just wait for your name to be called and for your OEC to be processed.

Address, contact info of Philippine Overseas Labor Office

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office or POLO is located at Al Quasis 3, Dubai, UAE. For communications, you can reach the Philippine Embassy in Dubai through sending an e-mail to or You can also call (+632) 7221144 or (+632) 7221155.

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@OFW, bukod sa 100 pesos na binayaran ko para sa OEC nag bayad din ako ng 1,170 (with official receipt) para sa OWWA as member may print out din bang ipapadala sakin ang OWWA o yung lang official receipt tagala. THanks

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I already sign up but i cant log in. once i log in they are asking my confirmation link which is until now no confirmation link send to my email. how can i use this online procedure if ur website is too poor to send the necessary information needed.


Good Day.

Just want to ask if why my brother log-in/sign-up already in your information sheet (registered) but until now no link has been send to his email address. He log-in last August 8, until now he’s still waiting to send a link. Kindly hellp him po, because August 23 his schedule to arrive.

Thank you & God Bless.


Maam,, good noon…kelan ba needed kumuha ng oec…thru online?? One month before ang pagbalik? Matagal po ba ang processing maam? Pls reply.. thank u po.

Elison Angeles Pine
Elison Angeles Pine

My vacation will be on august 31,2016 and i will be coming back after 30days with the same company can you please help me what to do thanks.

melanie mendoza
melanie mendoza

paano po kung hindi pa lumalabas yung contract pwede po yung id muna ang ipakita na galing dun

Ryan Reyes
Ryan Reyes

sa mga first timer, after ba mag pa appointment eh stop ka na sa step 2 procedure, dun ka na ba sa appointment date and place magbabayad? is on line payment is only for those who have records?


requested for ‘FORGOT PASSWORD’ na send naman dun sa email add na binigay ko pero kapag pinapasok ko n yung binigay na password gamit ung email ko ni rereject pa rin, if incase mag gumawa na lang ako ng bagong email add para mk gawa ng bagong account using the same information pwede ba yun?

edwin barrameda salazar
edwin barrameda salazar

Mam in sir bakit po yng hinge ng applycation nyo doon po sa arrival po at departure ayw po axcpt ng inyong aplycation dto online. yn lng po ang naging problime sa pg kuha ng oec.


Sir/Madam: How to edit my name on my personal data.

Cielo Armamento
Cielo Armamento

I selected 7 eleven as payment channel but the transaction is rejected there and I am not able to pay. Is it possible to change the payment channel? Do I need to change the payment channel online or I can just use the same reference number and pay at SM payment center. Please advise. Thank you.


I already registered in the BM ONLINE last year but I forgot the email address that I used to log in. Please advice me on what to do? Thank you.

freddie fortuno potante
freddie fortuno potante

sir/madam. ask ko lang po regarding sa visa entry ko mag end po siya ng feb.4 2017. nais ko pong magvacation ng sept. 2016 sa pilipinas. base po sa site may portion na dun na ilalagay ang date ng flight, at kailangan na 6 mos. ang validity ng visa. pero sir/madam. bale 8 days lang po ang vacation ko. paano po yun, kc pagclick ko po ang submit button, cannot accept. pati rin po yun date ng birthday ayaw mabago kahit iedit. feb.2 1974 yan po ang babaguhin, to feb. 16, 1974 ang dapat. please give me advice.. thank… Read more »

Nora Arellano Siron
Nora Arellano Siron

Tatanong ko lang po sana, kung required pa po magrenew OEC kase pabalik na po ako ng malaysia ng 24 this august. Thanks ASAP.

Adrian Sandoval
Adrian Sandoval

Sir/Mam, Ask lang po pwde po ba e fillup yung form thru mobile?


Hi I can’t reset my password online. I totally forgot my password.

Aries Berdos Villasin
Aries Berdos Villasin

Good day po.
Inquire ko lang po kung paano pagnagchange ng employer? Do I need to go for a new appointment sa POEA? . . hindi ko kasi maedit ung ’employer name’ sa profile ko.. so ung lumang company pa din ung lalabas sa OEC incase kumuha ako ng new OEC..whereas magkakaproblema kasi iba ung employer ko sa visa at OEC. Please help.

Thank you