15 Legit Ways to Get Paid to Post Ads for Companies Online

Earning money is something of all time. For us to survive, we need money. The great thing about these times is that there are multiple different ways to do so. One of them is through advertisement.

How to Get Paid to Advertise For Companies? There are several ways to advertise this year. The advertising can be done either online or offline. You will get legit payments without having to invest. What makes you a professional advertiser. 

Now that we have established that it is possible to make money by advertising for different companies either online or offline, you probably wonder how. To give you an idea of possible ways in this article, we name fifteen.

15 Ways to Earn Money by Posting ads

The following list describes fifteen ways to get paid to post ads without investment. They are intended to give you an idea of how to make money by posting ads for companies in a legit way.

Online Marketing Ideas to Make Money by Advertising

1. Manage a blog

Managing a blog is something that lots of people like to do. Most people do it for fun and don’t intend to make money doing so. The great thing about blogging is that it is pretty straightforward.

You write interesting articles about a particular niche that interests you. Once you have enough traffic on your page (you can see this behind the scenes of your website), this will become of interest to companies. The companies will want to put advertising on your blog page and your different blogposts.

The more traffic that is on your page, the better for companies. Be aware that when you want to make money writing blogs, you have to write content consistently for the traffic to be consistent. It needs to be something interesting, something that stands out that other bloggers aren’t writing about. Once you have traffic and you are able to post advertisements for different companies, you are now making legit money through blogs.

2. Manage a vlog

Like managing a blog, managing a vlog is also a way to make money by advertising for different companies. Vlogs often get posted on various canals like YouTube. The vlogs are videos of around twenty minutes to an hour on a specific topic. If the vlogs are of interest to many people, you can see this by the number of views that the video has. Apart from the views, people watching your vlogs can also become followers.

The views and especially the number of followers on your vlog are of interest to companies looking to promote their products through advertisements. The more followers and views your vlog has, the bigger the chance of companies wanting to advertise.

The ad will get shown during your vlog. Often this is before the video starts, just like commercials. You can also post pictures near the video that people can see when they click play. Usually, the number of followers will determine how much money the companies will offer you for the ads.

It will cost you nothing, just time. As I described above, you will need to post vlogs consistently and keep people’s interest. This way, the traffic, and followers will keep growing.

3. Affiliate marketing

A way to make money through advertisement in a legit way that has become popular, especially in the last couple of years, is through affiliate marketing. Affiliation marketing is like selling a product online for a different company. What you do is that you try to sell a product on a website.

You will have an affiliation link where people can order the product from. Once you sell the product from your page, a percentage of the sales goes to the website owner (you). It depends on the company how significant this percentage is. Also, it often again depends on the amount of traffic you have on your page. It is essential with these websites that you sell products without explicitly trying to sell. What you want to do is make people excited about a particular product. Describe it without coming across as if you want someone to spend money.

It is like being a salesperson but then online. Often companies ask you to write about their product in a fun and exciting way to persuade a customer to buy the product you are advertising. This way of making money has become popular over the years. This is because more and more companies are trying to sell their products online. The more advertisement they have, the bigger the chance for them to sell. The industry is often competitive, so companies are looking for websites that stand out.

4. Get paid to advertise on social media, snapchat or Tiktok

The great thing about social media is that it is very diverse. Any interest you might have is findable on different accounts. If you want to get paid to advertise on one of these platforms, you will have to discover your niche.

For example, it must be apparent to people what you stand for, what you are trying to tell people, etc. If you get a high number of followers, your page will become attractive to companies.

The increased amount of followers means that there is high traffic on your page. Many people are looking at your social media page, making it an excellent platform for companies to advertise their products.

Be aware that with social media, you need to create content daily. You have to build your page, and that will take time. Start by asking yourself why people would want to look at your page instead of somebody else’s? Look at other social media pages that have a lot of followers and that are doing well. Try to figure out what it is that made their page popular. Once you have enough followers, you can start contacting companies to advertise for them.

Companies can also come to you if your page has many followers (the exact amount depends on the platform and the niche). The advertisement you post will earn you legit money from that company.

5. Apps that pay you to advertise

There are many different apps in the play store and the App Store. That being said, it is possible to make money through advertising and developing apps. In this case, you are not looking for many followers but a high amount of downloads.

The more your app gets downloaded, the higher the companies’ interest in working with you through advertisement. To develop an app, you need to be handy with computers. There are many videos online that can teach you how to make an app.

You will have to think of a creative and unique app that is not on the market yet.

6. Become a freelancer and sell yourself as an ad specialist

It might sound crazy, but yes. You can get paid to post ads for companies online when you freelance as an ad specialist. An ad specialist will be on the hunt, for example, for the above-mentioned online marketing ideas. They will search for popular social media accounts, websites, vlog accounts, etc.

Companies often don’t have time to do this themselves but are looking to advertise their products so that the advertisement will get seen frequently. If you can convince companies that you will find the best places to put the ad on, you are now an ad specialist earning legit money from companies.

7. Start a new hub

A hub is a way to connect with many different people. It is a platform that reaches out to the mass. Often articles are posted on subpages. These articles are known as a hub. When there is a lot of traffic on your hub page, this means that people are reading your articles.

These views will be of interest to companies, just as mentioned before. Hubs are just another platform that you can use to gain attention for the work you are presenting. The more popular you become, the higher the chances of posting multiple ads on your hub or hub page.

8. Start a podcast

The online world is something we can not imagine living without. People learn new skills online by reading blogs, watching vlogs, searching for information on social media, etc. Another trendy way is by listening to podcasts. Podcasts are recordings of conversations that you can download to listen to.

Name a topic, and you can most likely find a podcast about it. Often podcasts are listened to on the road because you don’t need the internet to listen to them after downloading the podcast. When you want to advertise on your podcast, you can do so by speaking about the brand or the product. Companies will pay podcast hosts to name their brand during the recording. If you are a popular podcast host, then you will have a high amount of followers.

The followers will be of value to the company. The more followers, the higher the price you can ask companies. If you can find a way to work the advertisement into the podcast without trying too hard to sell the company’s name or brand, the higher the chances that people become interested in the brand just because you are.

The interest arises because people view the podcast host as a role model.

9. E-mail marketing

Many websites you go to ask you if you want to join their mailing sequence. These mailing sequences will get sent out to everyone on the mailing list. The larger your mailing list, the more people that will receive your emails.

The emails often contain content about a specific topic or interest. It is essential to find people that are interested in these topics through, for example, social media or other platforms and canals.

Once you can show that you have many people connected to your emailing list, your emails will become of interest to companies. The companies will ask you to add advertisements from their brand and product to your emails.

For every ad you post in your email, you will earn legit money from the company. Companies are often interested in adding their advertisement to emailing lists if their products align with your niche.

For example, it doesn’t make much sense if you talk about professional swimming and have ads for gardening tools on your emails. What would make sense is to have ads about goggles or bathing suit brands for example.

10. Ebook

Ebooks are books that you can read without carrying around a heavy book everywhere you go. Ebooks are digital and often read on e-readers, iPads, or phones. Ebooks can be about anything. It can be a biography, a topic of interest, or even a recipe book, etc.

Anything of interest to you and you feel inspired to write about can be turned into an ebook. There are platforms online that are developed so that you can sell your ebooks from there. Like all the above ways to make money using advertisements, with ebooks, you also need to show companies that people are looking at what you are giving them.

In this case, you need to try and find ways to sell your books. The more books you sell, the more interest you will be able to get from companies. When people download your ebook, there can be an ad, for example, in your book’s first few pages. Also, when they press on your ebook link that will direct them to the download and payment page, you can add different kinds of ads there as well.

11. Advertorials

Advertorials are advertisements on their own. When you make money writing advertorials, you are describing a product, either written or spoken. With this information, you try to sell whatever it is you are writing or speaking about.

For example, you often see advertorials in magazines where a specific brand pays the publisher to put an article on one of the pages. With the ease of the internet and the world being digital, you can also do advertorials online.

You can do written advertorials on blogs, social media, or emails, for example. Spoken advertorials often get showcased through podcasts. The nice thing about advertorials is that you can be very creative. It is not just a simple picture or brand name that you post on your page.

You can speak about it, understand the product and really dive into it. Most companies will give you an outline of what at least needs to be in the advertorial. Apart from that, they want it to be unique. That is where you come in and show your creativity.

Ideas on How to Advertise Offline and Still Make Money

Even though the business and advertising worlds are spinning significantly online, it is also possible to make money by advertising offline for companies, which means you won’t need a computer or internet.

Advertising has been done over many years and started without the internet.

Think about billboards, for example. The following four ideas are examples of how you can do this.

12. Commercialise with stickers on your car

Almost every household has at least one car parked outside their door. The car is the main transportation for us, humans, to go to work, do shopping, drop the kids, etc. If you think about it, your car gets shown in many places in your living area.

Imagine if every time you take your car for a spin, all the people you come across see a sticker on your car. The sticker is a product or brand name from a company. Often without even realizing it, people see the sticker and either read it or make an association.

Also known as priming. Priming is used a lot by companies to help their advertisements do what they are intended to do. So a way to make money from companies using ads offline would be to place an ad on your car in the form of a sticker.

Depending on the company, where you live, and how often you drive your car will determine the interest of a company. This is a straightforward way to advertise. You have probably noticed that companies often have company cars that have stickers of their brand on them. This way of advertising is easy, quick, and valuable.

13. Advertise while playing sports

Another way to advertise offline and make legit money without investing is by advertising playing sports. When you look at the television, athletes often wear brand names on their jerseys. Sports that get broadcasted on tv are especially popular for companies to want to advertise on.

The screening time will give their brand exposure to a wide range of people. The advertisement can get posted in multiple ways. Like, be printed on jerseys think of cyclists uniforms. Or on the screen in a corner, or be spoken about before commercial breaks.

What you also often see is ads on boards/banners along a soccer field. It is important with this way of advertising that you explain to a company the sport you are playing and the amount of exposure the ad will have.

14. Become a host and advertise at your own event

Are you someone that likes to organize things? Are you social by nature? And are you not afraid to work hard? Then advertising on your own event might be the perfect way to make legit money from companies.

As a host of an event, you have total freedom to organize the event you want. Think about bake sales, parties, games, and sports competitions. While organizing these events, you can ask companies if they want to be showcased during your event.

You can make advertising boards, make t-shirts, add brand logos on the invitations, etc. Creativity here is key. It would help if you organized something that will be of interest to the specific company. Often charities work well. Companies like to be presented at charities because it is good for their image.

15. Your house, your choice of design

When you buy a house, it is yours. What you put on the outside wall or in your garden is your choice. Some companies are interested in placing their advertisements on buildings or billboards in people’s gardens.

Especially homes that are in busy streets or cities get exposed to lots of looking eyes. If you are willing to put ads on your home or in your garden, you can make legit money from companies without investing.

It is simply adding it to your wall or placing the billboard in your garden for people to see. It does give your house a statement. So be aware of what companies you are advertising for. You often see this kind of advertisement when elections are coming up.

Pictures of a specific party or the party’s name get showcased on billboards all over town, in people’s gardens, and on their houses. The amount of money you will earn doing this will depend on the company and the value that the company sees in your place of advertising. Also, the size of the advertisement often plays a role.


Is it Possible to Become a Professional Advertiser?

After reading the above list, you most likely already know the answer to this question. Yes, yes, it is possible to earn legit money by advertising for companies. Once you have found a way that aligns most with you, it is possible to become a professional advertiser.

If you pick one of the above ways, make sure you realize that you have to work for it. Therefore it is best to try and find a way that you actually enjoy doing. This way, it will feel less like work.

Also, enthusiasm sells. So when people call feel your enthusiasm about whatever you are doing, their interest will come naturally—creating more fans, followers, viewers, listeners, etc. This will work in the interest of the companies and the want for you to advertise for them.

What Does a Professional Advertiser earn?

The amount that a professional advertiser earns is hard to say. You have to take many factors into account. It varies on the type of advertisement, the company, the platform, etc. Companies often look at the amount of exposure they will get and what value it has for them. Another reason why it is hard to say how much you will earn because every company has its budget that they want to spend on advertising.

The more people that will look at their advertisements, the more money you can ask from them. Most companies pay you one amount to post their ad on your page. With affiliation links, for example, you often get a certain percentage of the marketing sales.

The percentage is around 10%. So, if a product sells on your page, you will get 10% of the selling price. It is tough to say how much you will earn and to showcase this in numbers. The only way to know is to start and become a professional advertiser.

Why Would a Big Company choose me?

First of a company will choose you when it sees the value of its brand getting advertised. In the end, what they want is for people to buy the product they are selling. If you can help them do that, then they will choose you to advertise for them. Therefore it is essential to look into the company before asking them if you can advertise for them. What is the company’s goal, who are their clients, what do they want to sell, etc.

You often see that the brand or product has something to do with what your niche is. This way, the company knows that your followers and fans will be interested in the ad and the product you are trying to sell them, increasing the chances of selling more of their products. You have to sell your page or platform to them for them to sell their ads to you. In the end, it is business, and both parties are in it to earn money.

Final Thoughts on Making Money Posting Ads For Companies

Earning money through advertisement is all about standing out. Your business must get seen for companies to show interest. Being seen can be through views, followers, streams, living in a busy city, etc.

As mentioned in the list above, if you can show your value to a company, you can make legit money from companies by creating ads. The last thing to mention here is that you should be aware that not every company might align with your values. Some companies might not be a brand you would want to be associated with.

Choosing the companies you want to be associated with is essential for your values, beliefs, and image. It is not always only about making money.

It gets recommended to look into a company’s background, read reviews, and what the product they are selling really is. Do you align with the company and see value in their products, then go for it. Help yourself and the company by advertising for them and make honest and legit money.



I learned a lot about finance after working for a digital marketing company specializing in investing and trading stocks, forex, etc. After that, I got exposed to other verticals such as wealth management and personal finance, which further improved my understanding of the financial world.






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