How To Close a BDO Bank Account – The Definitive Guide

If you are planning to close your BDO account like (Checking account, BDO Dollar account, BDO Kabayan account) and you are having a hard time finding the information you need to do so, you no longer need to search anywhere else.

Perhaps you are worried about the penalties you will incur when you close your bank account, even more so when the emergency funds you have saved are needed right this second and you need to close your BDO bank account.

Compiled here is the list of information you need to know on the process of closing, as well as knowing which type of account and the penalties that will succeed to that account you own.

Closing your BDO account

Whether it be savings or a checking account, closing them is relatively easy. The only thing you must take note of is whether you have an ATM card or a checking/savings account, like a passbook.

1. For ATM Holders

For people who only own a BDO ATM card, the process is straightforward. It may be worth knowing that this is the same in every other bank with an ATM system. All you have to do is to go to any BDO ATM branch and withdraw all your money and BDO will automatically close the savings account for you since there is no money left in your account and they see that it is inactive.

You will not incur any penalties in doing so, since this is your own money. If you must open another ATM account, you are still eligible and won’t hurt your credit score with the bank.

2. For Other Savings/Checking Accounts

The process for closing any other type of accounts is almost the same as closing an ATM card. The only difference is that you must go to any BDO branch and inform the teller that you will withdraw all your money from your account and that you want to close your account for any specified reasons you have.

The teller will ask why you are planning to close your account, and this is just to convince you to stay and withhold from ending your service with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Close a Bank Account Abroad?

There is no information that can tell you that you can close your account abroad, but you may try contacting them online via their Customer Contact Center email:

If you go to their contact page in their website,, they have a list of international access codes if you are interested in calling them from abroad.

2. How Much is the Penalty for Closing a Bank Account?

All checking and savings account have a closing fee of ₱300.00 within 30 days from it’s opening. If you have an account that is much longer than that, there will be no fee charged.

3. Can I Re-Activate My Previously Closed BDO Bank Account?

No, once you have closed your bank account, you cannot reopen it anymore. You will be required open a new account where you will be given a new account number.

4. What Lists of Accounts Do I Need to Close?

Checking and savings account have a minimum Monthly Average Daily Balance (MADB) or maintaining balance. You must input a certain amount of money on the account every month, the bare minimum, otherwise you will incur a penalty.

Affected Peso Savings Accounts:

  • Passbook savings
  • ATM savings
  • Optimum Savings
  • Junior Savers
  • Prime Savers
  • Direct Deposit

Affected Checking Accounts:

  • Peso Checking Account
  • Smart Checking Account

Failure to meet minimum MADB, will result in a ₱300.00 fee every month that is below the MADB.

A dormant account is tagged so if the account has no client-initiated transaction in 12 months for checking accounts and within 24 months for savings account. These accounts are the Optimum Savings, Junior Savers, Peso Checking Account, and Smart Checking Account.

All of these penalties are important to know so that you will not be surprised when you have a fee given to you in the future should you close your account.

This only affects accounts which have not been used, so as said earlier, you must inform your bank teller that you are closing your account.



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  1. Hi! I assume this blog is old already but I would like to ask how long does it take for BDO to close your savings account once it reaches zero balance? I already transferred all of my funds to another bank account last May 2021 and just waiting for it to be closed. My concern is, if the account earns a small interest, it may prevent the automatic closure since its not zero balance anymore.

    I did the transfer online since I’m currently outside the Philippines.

    I hope you can answer my question.


  2. Hi. What if I just opened my account in BDO and I wanna close it already? Can I just withdraw all the money I’ve already deposited once I received the ATM card? Will it just automatically closed my account? Can I be penalized? How can they collect the closure fee if I already take all my money out? Can I just abandoned my account? Are there any consequences?


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