How to Find KeyBank Routing Number

KeyBank is an American regional bank headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. It has about 1197 branches and more than 500 automated teller machines (A.T.M.s) in many states of the U.S. The bank serves the general public and corporate, small business, and investment clients.

As with all other banks in the U.S., KeyBank also has a routing number that can help you access the services provided by them. The routing number is needed for transactions involving the bank because they help them identify the account holder and the state in which the account was made.

If you are not being able to identify your KeyBank routing number, then you have come to the right place. Here, we will guide you so you may be able to find your KeyBank routing number for yourself and will also provide a complete list of routing numbers required for different states, regions, and types of transactions in the U.S.

What is the KeyBank Routing Number?

The routing number is a 9-digit number and depends on the state where the account was opened. The KeyBank routing number is needed for when you want to send or receive any payment through the bank. In short, it is a number that is used for the identification of the KeyBank account holder and the bank branch.

KeyBank routing number is also a tool used by the Federal bank or the state bank to process the transaction, the money, and the files and documents required for the transaction.

Finding a KeyBank routing number may be confusing, so here we have listed multiple methods by which you can easily find out your KeyBank routing number and use it to process your bank transactions.

How Do I Find My Account KeyBank Routing Number?

KeyBank routing number, also known as A.B.A. routing number or Transit Routing Number, is present on your checkbook. Just look at one of your checks, and you can find the routing number on the bottom left corner of it. It is usually printed next to the bank account number so it can be easily found. Another thing that can help in finding it is that the number is always 9-digit. The routing number is also written in the account section.

If the internet is unavailable at the moment, you can always look at your checkbook and find the routing number. Also, If you are not very good at remembering numbers, then you can simply see your checkbook to find your KeyBank Routing number.

Below is a list of KeyBank routing numbers by state. You also need to know that the KeyBank routing numbers change by state and by the type of transaction being done.

There are mainly three types of routing numbers: direct deposit, wire transfer, and electronic transfer. You should remember not to confuse these three different types of routing numbers with each other as they are required for different types of transactions through the bank. These routing numbers are given below by state:

KeyBank Routing Number Colorado

For Colorado, a single routing number is used for all three above-mentioned purposes.

A.B.A. routing number: 307070267

Wire Transfer Routing number: 307070267

ACH routing number: 307070267
This single routing number can be used if you want to process transactions through your bank account or need to do a wire or electronic transfer through your account.

KeyBank Routing Number CT or Connecticut

For people who had their bank account opened in Connecticut, the KeyBank routing numbers are given below:

A.B.A. routing number: 222370440

Wire Transfer Routing number: 021300077

ACH routing number:

For accounts opened before 10/11/16: 222370440

For account opened on 10/11/16 or after it: 021300077

KeyBank Routing Number Ohio

For the state of Ohio, there are four different KeyBank routing numbers based on the regions within the state:
A.B.A. Routing Number:

Ohio – Columbus: 044000642

Ohio – Northwest: 041001039

Ohio – Northeast: 041200089

Ohio – Southwest: 042200295

Wire Transfer Routing Number: 041001039

ACH Routing Number:

Ohio – Columbus: 044000642

Ohio – Northwest: 041001039

Ohio – Northeast: 041200089

Ohio – Southwest: 042200295

Now, if you observe the pattern in the above-mentioned KeyBank routing numbers, it can be seen that the A.B.A. routing number and the A.C.H. routing number are the same for each reason, but it is not always the case. So, make sure that you do not assume that it will always be like that.

KeyBank Routing Number Oregon

For the state of Oregon, there is only one number used in place of A.B.A. routing number, wire transfer routing number, and the A.C.H. routing number. It is given below:

A.B.A. Routing Number: 123002011

Wire Transfer Routing Number: 123002011

ACH Routing Number: 123002011

KeyBank Routing Number Washington

Like Oregon, Washington also has only one number used for all three purposes, which is given below:

A.B.A. Routing Number: 125000574

Wire Transfer Routing Number: 125000574

ACH Routing Number: 125000574

KeyBank Routing Numbers by State:

There are three different KeyBank routing numbers, each for a different purpose. You may notice that for some of the states, all three numbers are the same, and for some, two of them are the same. Nevertheless, you can easily find your relevant routing number to use for your bank account transactions here. Given below is a complete list of all three routing numbers by states of the U.S.

Routing Number for Wire Transfers, ACH and ABA
Wires Ordering Check ACH
125200879 125200879 125200879
Wires Ordering Check ACH
307070267 125200879 125200879
Wires Ordering Check ACH
21300077 222370440 21300077
Wires Ordering Check ACH
41001039 41001039 41001039
Wires Ordering Check ACH
124101555 124101555 124101555
Wires Ordering Check ACH
41001039 41001039 41001039
Wires Ordering Check ACH
11200608 11200608 11200608
Wires Ordering Check ACH
21300077 222370440 21300077
Wires Ordering Check ACH
41001039 41001039 41001039
New York
Wires Ordering Check ACH
21300077 Refer to your check or view in online banking 21300077
Wires Ordering Check ACH
41001039 Refer to your check or view in online banking 41001039
Wires Ordering Check ACH
123002011 123002011 123002011
Wires Ordering Check ACH
21300077 222370440 21300077
Wires Ordering Check ACH
124000737 124000737 124000737
Wires Ordering Check ACH
211672531 211672531 211672531
Wires Ordering Check ACH
125000574 125000574 125000574


How to find KeyBank account number?

KeyBank account number is the number by which your specific account in the bank is identified.

KeyBank account number can be found at the bottom of your check before your KeyBank routing number. It is also present on your account statement.

Alternatively, you can find your KeyBank routing number online.

A point to be considered is that, unlike the KeyBank routing number, the KeyBank account number is different for different people, and you should always keep your KeyBank account number in secrecy from others to prevent any fraud or other kind of loss.

Do all key banks have the same routing number?

No, all Key banks do not have the same routing numbers. The routing number changed on the basis of the state or sometimes even the regions in the state. It is to be noted that the routing number depends on the region where you opened the account, not where you currently reside.

What is the routing number for KeyBank NY?

The routing numbers for New York by regions and by purpose (wire transfer, A.C.H., etc.) are given in the table below:
What is the routing number for KeyBank New York

Can I find the bank routing number on my account debit/credit card?

No, you cannot find your routing number on your debit or credit card because it is used only for bank-to-bank transfer processes.

Does my Key2Benefits card have a routing number?

Key2Benefits is a debit card offered by KeyBank in some special cases, for example, if you are enrolled in any of special programs such as unemployment insurance, or pension funds, or others. This routing number is used in the process of card funding as described here.

Final Thoughts

key bank routing number list
KeyBank is an American regional bank and is one of the largest banks in the U.S. To completely avail of the services of the bank, its customers need to know the routing numbers so they can easily have their transactions processed.

KeyBank routing number changes depending on the state in which you opened the account or sometimes even by the region in the state where the account was opened. It also depends on the type of transaction you want to make; for example, wire transfer and electronic transfer may have different routing numbers within the same state or region.

In this article, routing numbers for states and the regions within and for different types of transactions are listed. You may bookmark this article to your routing number for future usage. Alternatively, you can view your KeyBank routing number at the bottom of your checkbook. It will be very beneficial to you that you write down your KeyBank routing number and store it someplace safe, so you do not have to face any problems when you need it later.



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