How to Find Updated PNC Routing Number

There are a few different methods for obtaining a PNC Bank routing number. If you can recall which state you created your account in, you may simply refer to the chart to find out. Those who have a PNC Bank checking account may locate their routing number on their checks as well.

If you don’t have a check on hand, you may also contact PNC Bank at 888-PNC-BANK (888-762-2265) to find out the routing number for your account if you don’t have one available. If you are at all unsure about which number to dial, you should consider contacting PNC Bank since dialing the correct number might be the difference between your money flowing into the correct account and the incorrect one, depending on your situation.

What is a PNC Routing number?

A nine-digit identifier that is used to identify a certain bank, credit union, or other financial institution in the United States is referred to as a PNC routing number. PNC routing numbers, which were developed by the American Bankers Association (ABA), make it possible to move cash from one financial institution to another in a seamless and timely manner through electronic transmission as well as via the processing of paper checks.

There is no difference between a routing number and an American Bankers Association (ABA) number. ABA RTNs (ABA Routing Numbers) are another term for routing numbers, which are also referred to as check routing numbers. Money transfer routing numbers are used to designate which banking institution the funds are coming from and which banking institution the monies should be placed at when money is transferred between financial institutions.

Due to the fact that each financial institution has its own unique routing number, money may be delivered and received between banks precisely and without any kind of misunderstanding.

Major Banks such as Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, and TD Bank have distinct routing numbers for each of their multiple locations in each state where they have bank operations, including New York. However, online-only banks, smaller banks, and credit unions such as the Navy Federal Credit Union all have a single routing number, unlike larger banks.

Because of this, it is easy to get confused about which PNC routing number to use if you have relocated from one state to another or if your state has numerous PNC Bank ACH ABA RTNs available.

Finding and utilizing the proper ABA number should be your first priority if you want to guarantee that your cash are sent to the correct account. Your PNC Bank check transit number is assigned depending on the state in where you originally established an account with the institution.

What are PNC Routing numbers used for?

PNC Routing numbers are used for both a checking and a savings account, and they are unique. In the case of paper checks, the routing number is on the bottom and is used when someone wants to transfer money to you or do other account actions. Your routing numbers will also be used for a variety of other transactions, such as wire transfers, ACH transfers, and bill payments, among others.

Financial institutions in the United States can be identified by their PNC Routing Numbers. When transmitting money between banks and other financial organizations, they aid with the speedier execution of paper checks as well as the precise transfer of ACH and wire transfer transactions.

While you may believe that routing numbers are solely the responsibility of your bank, there are various instances in which you will need to combine the correct PNC bank routing number with your account number in order to begin or finish ACH and wire transfer transfers.

When making significant lump sum purchases with a check, such as purchasing income-producing assets, you will need to have your PNC bank routing number in order to complete the transaction.

How many digits is PNC Bank Account number?

PNC credit cards, on the other hand, have a 16-digit account number. Essentially, it’s a combination of your routing number and your account number, and it performs the same function as your financial institution’s routing number.

If your account number is fewer than 10 digits, just add zeros in front of the account number until the account number is a total of ten digits, and then proceed as above. In the event that you have issues, please contact your local PNC Bank office with any questions.

Why does PNC Bank have different Routing number?

Because of the many mergers and acquisitions that have occurred as PNC Bank has developed over the years, the bank now has 34 distinct routing numbers. To achieve this level of growth, the bank engaged in some of the greatest mergers in the history of the United States. In addition to larger and smaller financial institutions, PNC Bank has merged with and acquired smaller financial institutions such as First National Bank and Trust, Peoples-Pittsburgh Trust Company, Fidelity Trust Company, Provident National Corporation, Midlantic Bank, Hillard Lyons, United National Corporation, Riggs National Corporation, and a number of other smaller financial institutions.

At the time of the merger or purchase, each financial institution had its own routing number, which was used to transfer funds between accounts. Instead of completely revamping the already-established financial infrastructure, mergers and acquisitions are being integrated into the existing PNC bank system, while routing numbers are being maintained in their current form.

For the same reason, you will encounter states with more than one route number, which is a common occurrence. Pennsylvania has the most difficult PNC bank routing numbers, which may be as much as six digits long! This is due to the fact that PNC Bank purchased a number of minor banking institutions in these states.

The check transit numbers 054000030 are shared by many states, including Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland, for example. Due to the fact that PNC bought a bank that had branch offices in certain states, the reason is simple. PNC Bank routing numbers may be used to track back the bank’s mergers and acquisitions if you take your time and do thorough investigation.

What is my PNC Bank Routing number?

It is determined by the state in where you originally established your PNC Bank account that you will get your ACH routing number. Because the bank has around 34 distinct routing numbers, you’ll need to know how to locate and utilize the proper one in order to avoid having your money routed to the incorrect location.

There are a variety of methods for locating your PNC routing number, including:

  1. Find your PNC routing number by state using this tool.
  2. You may find the PNC Bank routing number on your bank’s statement.
  3. The PNC Bank app allows you to see your routing number.
  4. Making a phone call to PNC Bank customer service.
  5. The Federal Reserve Bank’s Directory is available online.

How to find PNC Routing Number by state?

Because of previous acquisitions and mergers, PNC Bank has a plethora of routing numbers. As you can see in the chart below, states such as Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia all use the same routing number, which is 054000030, to transfer money. While some states have just one routing number (e.g. Pennsylvania), some have many routing numbers (e.g. Ohio, New York), and still others (e.g. Georgia, Florida, and Alabama).

PNC routing numbers are assigned to accounts depending on the location of the local branch where the account was established. Additionally, Alabama has five routing numbers, while Georgia has four, but PNC South Carolina just has one, according to the Federal Reserve.

Following the many mergers and transactions that the bank has undertaken over the years, there are presently a total of 34 distinct PNC routing numbers in use. For clients who previously established a PNC account at one of the purchased financial institutions, such as First National Bank & Trust, this implies that their routing number has been converted into a PNC routing number. Furthermore, if you initially established your account in Ohio and subsequently moved to Indiana, your PNC Bank routing number will remain the same.
pnc routing number by state in usa

PNC Bank Routing number Indiana

In Indiana, the routing numbers for checking and savings accounts are 43000096, 083009060, 083000108, and 071921891 respectively.

PNC Bank Routing number Michigan

The routing number for checking and savings accounts in Michigan is 41000124.

PNC Bank Routing number Alabama

If you have a checking or savings account in Alabama, you may use the routing number 43000096.

PNC Bank Routing number Texas

The routing number for checking and savings accounts in Texas is 043000096.

PNC Bank Routing number Winconsin

The routing number for checking and savings accounts in Winconsin is 71921891.

PNC Bank Routing number Delaware

The routing number for checking and savings accounts in Delaware is 31100089.

PNC Bank Routing number Florida

In Florida, the routing numbers for checking and savings accounts are 043002900 and 267084199, respectively.

PNC Bank Routing number Georgia

The routing number for checking and savings accounts in Georgia are 053100850, 061192630, 043002900 and 061119639.

PNC Bank Routing number lllinois

The routing number for checking and savings accounts in Illinois is 71921891.

PNC Bank Routing number Kentucky

The routing number for checking and savings accounts in Kentucky is 83000108.

PNC Bank Routing number Maryland

It is 54000030 that serves as the routing number for checking and savings accounts in Maryland.

PNC Bank Routing number Missouri

The routing number for checking and savings accounts in Missouri is 71921891.

PNC Bank Routing number New Jersey

The routing number for checking and savings accounts in New Jersey is 31207607.

PNC Bank Routing number North Carolina

The routing number for checking and savings accounts in North Carolina is 43000096.

PNC Bank Routing number Ohio

The routing number for checking and savings accounts in Ohio are 042000398 and 041000124.

PNC Bank Routing number South Carolina

The routing number for checking and savings accounts in South Carolina is 53100850.

PNC Bank Routing number Virginia

The routing number for checking and savings accounts in Virginia is 54000030.

PNC Bank Routing number Washington DC

The routing number for checking and savings accounts in Washington DC is 54000030.

PNC Bank Routing number West Virginia

The routing number for checking and savings accounts in West Virginia is 27197560.

Here are all the listed PNC Bank routing numbers, by state:

State Routing Number
Alabama 062001209, 053100850, 043000096, 065103887, 065103625
Delaware 031100089
Florida 043002900, 267084199
Georgia 053100850, 061192630, 043002900, 061119639
Illinois 071921891
Indiana 083009060, 083000108, 071921891
Kentucky 083000108
Maryland 054000030
Michigan 041000124
Missouri 071921891
New Jersey 031207607
North Carolina 043000096
Ohio 042000398, 041000124
Ohio – Youngstown 043000096
Pennsylvania – Central North 043000096
Pennsylvania – Central South 031312738
Pennsylvania – Northeast 031300012
Pennsylvania – Northwest 043300738
Pennsylvania – Philadelphia 031000053
Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh 043000096
Virginia 054000030
Wisconsin 071921891
Washington D.C. 054000030

How can I discover the PNC Bank routing number on a check that I have?

pnc routing number illustration where to find
A checkbox should be readily available to you since most banks supply at least one to new account customers. Your PNC bank check transit number is printed at the bottom of the check on the MICR line, towards the bottom of the check body. From left to right, three sets of numbers are printed, including your routing number, account number, and check number, in that sequence.

It is the first nine numbers printed on the bottom-left corner of the check, and it is referred to as the routing code. Following that is your account number, which is located in the bottom center of the screen. The last set of four numbers at the bottom-right of the check is the check number, which is used to keep track of the checks you have received.

Can I find my PNC Bank Routing Number on my Monthly statement?

Yes, your PNC bank routing number may be found on the monthly statements that are printed out. Monthly statements include the same information as personal checks, including your bank’s routing number and account number.

Your PNC ABA number may be found at the top of each monthly statement by simply looking up the number.

How can you locate your PNC Bank Routing Number on the internet?

It should come as no surprise that you may not have a checkbook or printed monthly statements available at all times. With the advent of internet banking and mobile banking, not everyone has a checkbook or a paper copy of their bank statements on hand at all times.

You may do business without the need to write a check while simultaneously accessing all of your bank statements online. Many users have moved to secure digital wallets such as PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle, as well as mobile payment options, in order to avoid disclosing their bank account information. If, on the other hand, you do not have a check or a bank statement, your best option is to look out your PNC bank routing number online.

For Checking and Savings accounts

  1. Log in to Online Banking and pick the account you want to use.
  2. From fall box, choose the selection “Show Account & Routing Number.”
  3. Account Activity may be seen under the “Go to the Account and Routing Number” option in the virtual wallet account’s navigation bar.
  4. You will get an email with a one-time passcode.
  5. Enter the passcode to validate your identification, and then follow the on-screen directions to access your PNC bank routing number online, as well as your entire account number, by following the links.

For SmartAccess Prepaid Visa Card

  1. Log in to your PNC online banking account.
  2. SmartAccess Card should be selected, and then the “Sign On to SmartAccess” option should be clicked.
  3. Your account number and PNC bank routing number may be found on the Account Summary Page, which is part of the Direct Deposit Information section.

You may also get your PNC routing number by logging into your online account and seeing any of your online statements. For example, from the Account Activity page, pick the Online Statements link and then click the Print Statement link to print a statement. It will be in the upper right corner of the statement, along with your PNC Bank ABA RTN and account number.

If you are not already engaged in online banking, you may look for your PNC Bank routing number on the Federal Reserve Bank’s E-payment database, which is available online. You may search by state or location, or you can input a financial institution’s routing number in the “Routing Number” area to locate the name of a financial institution based on that number.

Examine the transit number and save it to your phone or print it out after you’ve located the relevant PNC Bank location. Produce a duplicate and store it somewhere secure so that you don’t have to seek for it every time you need it. After all, browsing the internet with a laptop uses a lot of data, and if you don’t have access to free or low-cost internet at home, this may quickly add up.

How to get Routing Number on PNC Bank App?

If you are not fortunate enough to get free government internet and computers for low-income families, you may want to consider acquiring your routing number via the PNC app. Since mobile banking uses so little data, it is a more cost-effective choice.

The PNC Bank mobile app must first be downloaded and installed on your smartphone before you may access your PNC Bank routing number on the go.

Here are ways to get routing number on PNC Bank App:

  1. By signing in, you may use the PNC Mobile App.
  2. Choose a user name and password.
  3. Select Account Actions from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select Account and Routing Numbers from the drop-down menu.
  5. You will be given a one-time pin to use on the website.
  6. To prove your identity, you must enter the passcode.
  7. You may get your account number and routing number by clicking here.

How do you contact PNC Bank for your Routing or Wire Number?

States that have more than one route number might cause some consternation for people. It is possible that you may need to call PNC Bank customer care in order to get the right routing number. If you are in any doubt, it is preferable to call and ensure that the number is accurate. You certainly don’t want your hard-earned money to end up in the wrong hands.

Contacting PNC Bank via their national customer care hotline at (888) 762-2265 is the quickest and most convenient method of communication. You may also visit the closest branch location and ask the teller for the proper number if you have any questions.

How can you get in touch with PNC Bank in order to get your Routing or Wire Number?

Your state-based routing numbers are only useful for sending and receiving electronic funds transfers (ACH transfers). It is for this reason that they are frequently referred to as ACH ABA routing numbers. Large national banks, such as PNC Bank, employ a distinct routing number for domestic wire transactions and a SWIFT code for international wire transfers, in contrast to smaller regional and local banks.

Incoming wire transfers will be made to this number, which you will need to set up. Provide it to anyone who wishes to wire funds to you, along with your account number, so that they can complete the transaction.

Also see: PNC Bank Hours Weekday, Weekend & Holiday Schedule

When you need to move money fast, wire transfers may be really useful. The following are the differences between a wire transfer and an ACH transfer:

  1. Wire transfers are more efficient: Money may be available for withdrawal by the recipient within a few minutes or hours of the wire being launched; however, this will rely largely on the direct deposit timeframes of the recipient’s financial institution.
  2. Wire transfers are more secure for the following reasons: Transactions are carried out directly between banks and are only completed after each bank has confirmed the transaction with the other. ACH transactions, on the other hand, are handled by third-party clearinghouses, and the money are cleared automatically without the need for confirmation.
  3. Routing numbers that are easy to remember: A single PNC Bank routing number for domestic wires and a single SWIFT code for cross-border wires, in contrast to automated clearing house (ACH) transactions, which require distinct routing numbers in each state.

Using Fedwire transactions has many advantages in terms of ease, speed, and security, but there is a cost. When sending or receiving domestic or international wire transfers, PNC Bank costs anywhere from $15 and $45 depending on whether you are sending or receiving a local or international transfer. In order to avoid incurring the additional costs of wire transfers, thrifty customers such as myself must carefully consider their alternatives when choosing between ACH and wire transfers. Anyone attempting to save $10,000 in a year understands that every dollar matters!

To save money, always utilize wire transfers for urgent transfers and ACH transfers for your routine non-urgent transactions to reduce costs as much as possible.

What are the fees associated with wire transfers from PNC Bank?

Domestic wire transfer costs charged by PNC Bank differ depending on whether you are sending or receiving a wire transfer. The processing of outgoing cables is often more costly than the processing of incoming wires.

Here is an estimate of the costs charged by PNC bank for domestic wire transfers:

  1. Incoming domestic wires are charged at a rate of $15.
  2. Outgoing domestic wires are charged at the rate of $30.

What is the Routing Number for PNC Bank’s International Wire Transfer Service?

PNC Bank’s international wire transfer routing number is PNCCUS33, and it can be found on their website. It differs from conventional routing numbers because banks use SWIFT codes to identify themselves worldwide rather than routing numbers, which makes it stand out from the crowd.

If you have any questions, you may use any of the procedures indicated above to verify the bank’s domestic wire transfer number or the SWIFT code, whichever is appropriate.

What are the expenses associated with PNC Bank International Wire Transfers?

International wire transfer costs charged by PNC Bank differ depending on whether you are sending or receiving money. The cost of outgoing cables is higher than the cost of incoming wires.

The following is an estimate of the costs associated with foreign wire transfers via PNC Bank:

  1. For incoming international wires, the fee is $15.
  2. Outgoing international wire transfers cost $45 per transaction.

How long do wire transfers take at PNC Bank?

The length of time it takes to complete a wire transfer at PNC Bank is determined on whether the transfer is local or international. In most cases, the typical duration is between one and three days. Cut-off hours, holidays, and weekends may all affect the length of time you have to wait.

For example, the cut-off time for domestic and international wire requests at PNC Bank is 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST). As a result, any wire requests submitted after the cut-off time will be processed the next business day.


What is PNC ACH Routing Number?

A routing number, also known as a routing transit number, is a nine-digit number that is used to identify the financial institution involved in a transaction as well as the location where your bank account was established in a transaction. ACH and wire transfers are the two most popular forms of transactions to make. Whether you’re making a payment online or over the phone, you’ll most likely be asked to provide your checking account routing number.

Banking and financial institutions often maintain a number of routing numbers to serve a variety of functions, geographical areas, and locations. Consequently, it is critical that you double-check your routing number before initiating any money-transfer transactions.

A routing number, also known as a RTN, a routing transit number, or an ABA routing number, is a nine-digit number that may be found written on the bottom of a check or in the online banking portals of financial institutions.

What is PNC business checking routing number?

PNC bank employs a variety of routing numbers for ACH transactions, which differ from state to state depending on where the bank is located. For example, the PNC Bank check transit number for my state of Illinois is 071921891, but the PNC Bank ABA number for Maryland is 054000030. PNC Bank check transit numbers are also available online.

Your PNC Bank routing number is exclusive to the state or PNC branch where you initially established your account, and it cannot be used anywhere else. Some states have more than one routing number, while some have more than one routing number. In the state of Alabama, for example, there are five PNC bank routing numbers to choose from. Another state that uses the route number 054000030 is Maryland. Other states that use it include Virginia and Washington, DC.

The usage of a distinct transit number for domestic wire transfers and a SWIFT code for international wire transfers is also common among large national banks like PNC bank. For example, the PNC Bank domestic wire transfer routing number is 043000096, and the PNC Bank international wire transfer SWIFT code is PNCCUS33, while the PNC Bank international wire transfer routing number is 043000096.

Executive Summary

PNC Routing numbers were created by the American Bankers Association more than a century ago to target specific federally and state-chartered banking firms, according to the organization. As a result, PNC routing numbers are sometimes referred to as ABA numbers (as well as RT numbers, short for Routing Transit). Wire transfers, automated deposits, and online payments are all made possible thanks to the usage of routing numbers, which are now required for all electronic banking activities. When a financial institution opens a checking account with the Federal Reserve Bank, the Federal Reserve assigns it a PNC routing number.

In the banking business, PNC Routing Numbers are used to identify banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions; however, they are also used in other industries to identify companies and individuals. As a result, they allow for smooth check processing as well as precise money issuing and receiving between financial institutions in a regulated environment.

The usage of secure digital wallets such as PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle as well as mobile payment methods has become more popular among users who want to avoid divulging their bank account details. You may search out your PNC bank routing number online, on the other hand, if you do not have a check or a bank statement handy.

You may feel that routing numbers are the responsibility of your bank, but there are a number of situations in which you will need to combine the right PNC bank routing number with your account number in order to initiate or complete ACH and wire transfer transactions.

Purchases of considerable amounts of money with a check, such as the acquisition of income-producing assets, will need the use of your PNC bank routing number in order to successfully complete the transaction.


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