How to Activate (Globe/Smart) SIM Roaming

We always want to stay in contact with our family. Especially when we’re miles away from them. We always want to stay updated on their whereabouts, especially as OFWs who only have the chance to go home to the Philippines once in a while.

Staying in touch with our families even outside the Philippines is a bit of work and money before.

But now that the telecommunication companies, such as Globe, saw the need for cost-effective roaming services for OFWs and their loved ones to always feel like they’re home, Globe has offered a roaming sim that Filipinos abroad can use to always talk to their families.

Here’s the best step by step guide for the successful activation process of your Globe prepaid roaming sim to guarantee that your roaming sim will be able to acquire packages, products, and services of postpaid plans such as but not limited to international voice roaming, surfing of the internet, and roaming Unli Call and Text.

You will also be guided on how to top up your sims and the rates of the different postpaid services offered by Globe.

What is Data Roaming?

data roaming
When you’re continuously using the data service of your local cellular network even if you are outside the country or coverage area, it’s called data roaming. For example, if you’re using Globe as your service network while you’re in the Philippines, you can still use it even if you’re outside the country by just adding necessary fees.

How will I know if I am using Data Roaming?

If you are not using the Wi-Fi in the country you’re currently staying in (outside the Philippines) and you are using your data to surf the internet, make messages and calls through social media platforms, or visit websites through your data, you are being charged via data roaming.

How to activate Globe roaming sim outside the country?

There are various ways to activate your Globe sim into a roaming one. If you are using a postpaid sim card, it automatically becomes a roaming sim once you’ve used your data. You just have to check if you’re roaming will work well by calling 211 or 02-730-1000 or +6327301212.

If you are using a prepaid sim, you may activate in two (2) ways: text and by dialing *143#. Ensure that you have a balance of ₱100.00 and a maintaining balance of ₱50.00 before doing the following:
Through text

  • Text GROAM ON and send it to 2884
    If you want to activate your roaming service for a specific period, text GROAM ON < to 2884 (for example: GROAM ON 06/18/2013 27 ).
  • Wait for confirmation.
  • Reminder: You should do this 24 hours before leaving the Philippines.

Through dialing *143#

  • Dial *143#
  • In Menu, choose Roaming & Int’l and choose to Activate Roaming
  • Wait for confirmation that your data roaming has been activated.

Now, staying in touch with our families in the Philippines has been made easier through the current advancements of telecommunication companies. Sooner or later, better advancements will be made that will make communication, even miles away, less hassle and more convenient for all Filipinos working abroad.

Requirements for Globe Roaming

The only requirement that Globe roaming sim requires is that you always keep a maintaining balance to make charges for the call and text, and internet usage you’ve consumed.

List of Globe Roaming Prepaid / Postpaid Plans

Roam Unli Call and Text
To avail the following plans offered just text, ROAM UCT ON to 2884 or dial *143# and choose desired promos under Roaming Services:

Denomination Validity SMS Keyword for Registration
₱499.00 One (1) Day 1D
₱1,339.00 Three (3) Days 3D
₱2,229.00 Five (5) Days 5D

Roam Surf Postpaid
The following surf plans are offered while you’re out of the Philippines:

  1. Roam Surf 1 Day – For 24 hours and ₱599.00 you can do all-day data roaming.
  2. Roam Surf 3D – For ₱1,499.00 / ₱500.00 a day, you can do three (3) days of data roaming.
  3. Roam Surf 5D – For five (5) days, you can do all-day data roaming for only ₱2,299.00.
  4. Roam Surf 7D – For ₱2,999.00, you can use this promo for seven (7) days.
  5. Roam Surf 15D – For fifteen (15) days and paying ₱4,999.00, you can enjoy your data roaming wherever country you are.
  6. Roam Surf 30D – For ₱300.00 a day (₱8,999.00), you can use data roaming for thirty (30) days.
    Roam Lite

Globe also offers 7-day calls and texts promo for its subscribers. Just dial in ROAM LIT <denomination> ON to 2884 for the following services:

Denomination Offer SMS Keyword for Registration
₱799.00 15 minutes of call and 15 SMS 799
₱1,399.00 30 minutes of call and 30 SMS 1399
₱2,599.00 60 minutes of call and 60 SMS 2599

Roam Saver

For travelers, this is the ideal data roaming plan because you only have to pay ₱199.00 and utilize it for seven (7) days. All you have to do is text ROAM SVR ON to 2884 or dial *143# and choose promo under Roaming Services.

Zonal Rates
With Zonal Rates, Globe users need not worry about which operator to choose wherever they are.

Service Zone 1: Asia-Pacific & America Zone 2: Europe & Africa
To make a call ₱120.00 per minute ₱150.00 per minute
To receive a call ₱60.00 per minute ₱75.00 per minute
To send an SMS ₱20.00 per 160 characters ₱25.00 per 160 characters
To receive and SMS FREE FREE
To surf on mobile ₱3.00 per 10 kb ₱5.00 per 10 kb

How to deactivate Globe Roaming?

Deactivation of your Globe roaming sim is as easy as activating it. Through text, you may send GROAM OFF to 2884. This should be done a day before going back to the Philippines. You may also dial *143# and choose Roaming & Int’l then go for Deactivate Roaming. You will receive a confirmation if you’re deactivation has been successful.

How to call Globe roaming number abroad?

To call your relatives abroad, all you have to do is use Globe CALL IDD promo services. All you have to do is dial *143#, select Roaming, and International, then go for Call and Text Abroad and choose the Special IDD Promo-GOCALLIDD. You may choose from the following promo:

    1. GOCALLIDD 30 – For ₱30.00, you can consume it for seven (7) days.
    2. GOCALLIDD 99 – For ₱99.00, you can use it for thirty (30) days to make calls.
    3. GOCALLIDD50 – For 15 days and ₱50.00, you can make use calls with your loved ones.
    4. GOCALLIDD199 – For only ₱199.00 valid for thirty (30) days, you can make IDD calls.

How to reach Globe?

For concerns and/or questions regarding your roaming sim, you may call Globe through 02 730 1000 or their Customer Care hotline 211. For postpaid customers, you may call through +632 730 1212 or send an e-mail through < or

How to activate Smart Roaming Data?

Activating your Smart roaming data is also as easy as activating Globe roaming data. Make sure that one (1) hour before you leave the country, you have done the following steps: text ROAM ON and send to 333. If you’re already outside the country, you can turn on your mobile data and data roaming and go to and subscribe.

Requirements for Smart Roaming

Same with Globe data roaming requirements, all you have to do is keep a maintaining balance that you can use wherever you are and you still want to keep in touch with your loved ones.

List of Smart Postpaid Plans Table

To see the list of rates that you’ll consume in different countries, you may click this link and you will be redirected to Smart’s Postpaid plans.

How to Deactivate Smart Roaming

To deactivate your Smart roaming data, all you have to do is text ROAM OFF and send to 333.

How to call Smart roaming number abroad?

To always stay in touch with your loved ones abroad, maintain a ₱100.00 worth of load before making a text or call with them. If you will send a text, just a key in + (Country Code)(Mobile)(Number to send SMS Abroad) and hit send. To call mobile no., you have to key in 0 + Mobile Access Code + Mobile Phone No. then hit send.

How to reach Smart?

You may reach Smart through (02) 888 1111 or reach their toll-free hotline numbers; 888 and 777.

What are the best options to reload Smart and Globe online?

Both Smart and Globe users can use the services of GCash, PayMaya, and Lazada to top up their loads.

  GCash PayMaya Lazada
Offered discount 10% 5-10% 5%
Offers Prepaid load, call and text packages Load, call and text, and data packages Load data packages


  • For Smart users, you can top up your sim card by dialing in *133 and choose the USSD menu. After which choose 3 and 2 for CTC loading.


  1. For Globe Users, you can buy a call card that you can purchase from Globe’s website. After which, type in LOAD <call card number> <call card pin> and send it to 2215.
  2. Through Share-A-Load, you can ask your relative from the Philippines to send a you a load by typing in <amount> <PIN> to “2” and your mobile number.
  3. Through IAMAX or International AutoLoadMax, you can avail it with various selected retailers in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan.

The Best Prepaid International Sim Card for Philippines

Since both telecommunication companies, Globe and Smart, are the only two existing in the Philippines as of the moment, they are both ideal to use when you’re abroad. If you’re going abroad, you don’t need to buy sim just so you can text your loved ones back in the country.

Both Globe and Smart can use the 3G advantages of both sims. The latest news has been showing that 5G is currently in process and an upcoming telecommunication company would also surface to give Filipinos better data connection in and out of the country.

Globe vs. Smart – Which SIM Roaming is the best?

Roaming Globe Telecom vs Smart Communications
Both companies offer good deals to their users. While Smart has the ability to provide good internet speeds, Globe offers good signal areas anywhere in the world.

Both have also free data for foreigners who have landed in the Philippines and keen on using their sim cards. Both are also user-friendly in terms of navigation on how to avail of their services.

Sooner or later, more and more budget-friendly services and rates will be offered to Filipinos especially when the third telco has been chosen. Such advancement in the Philippines will lead people, both tourists, and locals, to enjoy a hassle-free connection and will definitely enjoy conversing with their loved ones.

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