In this guide, I will show you how to get OWWA Ofw e-Card step by step. I also help you avoid some mistakes that I did when I started out.

The OFW E-Card is being issued for free.

The e-card can be used for OWWA services such as welfare programs, scholarship applications, training programs, and other social benefits.

For fast results: Search on Google [ofw ecard]

Just collect the card after paying the POEA procesfsing fee and the OWWA membership and Medicare fees at the POEA office.


What is OWWA OFW e-Card?

The OWWA OFW e-Card is a proof that you are an active member of OWWA and eagerly seeking to have an ease of access to the programs and services offered by OWWA.

It also serves as a government-issued ID and can be presented to any Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) and Embassy or Consulate abroad in circumstances wherein you’ll be needing assistance and/or service from OWWA.

How to Get OWWA OFW e-Card Online (with Picture)

For the application, following these step by step guide:

Go to OWWA’s website ( Click for the banner that you will see on the website.

Online Application


Input the information, owwa_ofw_e-card_02.png
Input the following information: Name, Birth-date, Contact Number, Passport Number, Valid POEA OEC Number.Chose which OWWA Regional Office, owwa_ofw_e-card_03.png

Chose which OWWA Regional Office you’d like to obtain your OFW e-Card. You may get e-Card in POEA Head Office, POEA Regional Office in Cebu City, OWWA Head Office, Singapore and U.A.E (Abu Dhabi and Dubai)

Check the Data Privacy Act, owwa_ofw_e-card_04.png

Check the Data Privacy Act and input the appropriate CAPTCHA.

click Submit button, owwa_ofw_e-card_05.png

You may now click ‘Submit’ button after you’ve filled out all the necessary information.

OFW ECARD Tracking Number, owwa_ofw_e-card_06.png

You’ll be given a Tracking Number that will serve as a proof that your application for OWWA OFW e-Card has been accepted.


Input your e-mail address or Facebook Profile name to monitor the status of your OWWA OFW e-Card application.

Thank you message, owwa_ofw_e-card_08.png

Get your OWWA OFW e-Card at the chose OWWA Regional Office once you have been notified that it is ready for pick-up.

Through the efforts of the Philippine government, they’ve established programs that will aide in making the dreams of the OFWs do come true without having to stay away from their loved ones. One of which is the e-Card that may be use to utilized loan programs offered by OWWA.
We should always make the most out of what we’re working for if we don’t want to work until we’re old and gray.

A lot of OFWs are sacrificing special occasions with their loved ones in order to support their daily needs.

Contrary to popular belief, acquiring loan does not mean you’ll be in debt forever or that it wouldn’t help you grow as an individual, loan instead will help you in having better life and reaching whatever goal you have in life. Also, it helps in the economic growth of the country instead of opting for informal lending such as loan sharks or ‘5-6’.


Who can apply for the OWWA OFW e-Card?

All returning workers or ‘balik-manggagawa‘ that have active OWWA membership, valid Overseas Employment Certificate/Exemption Number and valid passport may apply for the OFW e-Card. Remember that your OWWA membership should be effective for more than ninety (90) days from the day of your application to have your OFW e-Card.


Can a new OFW apply for the OWWA OFW e-Card?

As of the moment, the OWWA OFW e-Card is just in Phase 1 that’s why it’s only offered to the balik-manggagawa. But the OFW e-card will be available to the rest of the active members of OWWA on Phase 2.

Who are the so-called ‘Balik-Manggagawa’?

According to the POEA Rules and Regulations, balik-manggagawa is an OFW who was able to finish or currently finishing an employment contract and:

  1. Will be employed to the same employer in the same place of work; and
  2. Will be employed to the same employer in different place of work.

The new hires, direct hires, and Government Placement Branch (GBP) hired workers are not included as balik-manggagawa.

5. What are the benefits that of OWWA OFW e-Card?

The OWWA OFW e-Card can be use by OWWA members in various benefits such as:

AEase of access in availing of programs and services offered by OWWA;
BWill serve as an exit clearance when you’re leaving a country – Instead of using your OEC paper, you can now use your e-card as your OEC.
CObtaining of Digital OWWA OFW e-Card on OWWA Mobile App that has the same weight of benefits of a tangible OWWA OFW e-Card;
DOWWA OFW ecard will be recognized by DFA as your valid ID whenever you renew your passport
EThis card is considered a government-issued Identification Card that you can present as your valid ID.

How will I know the status of my OWWA Membership?

To know the status of your OWWA Membership, you may download the OWWA Mobile App on your smart phones through Google Play and App Store.

You may also go to POLO-OWWA if you are already working abroad or go to your nearest OWWA Regional Welfare Office if you are in the Philippines.

Where will I renew my OWWA Membership if it’s expired already?

If your OWWA Member is expired already but still has active contract, you may renew it through the following methods:

  1. Online – Visit and go to the Online Application Form for OWWA OFW e-Card. You may also renew using your OWWA Mobile App.
  2. Abroad – Go to the POLO-OWWA office in the country where you’re working.
  3. In the Philippines – Go to the nearest OWWA Regional Welfare Office or at the satellite offices of OWWA that you may find at POEA Ortigas, NAIA Terminal 1, 2, and 3, Trinoma, and Duty Free Fiesta Mall.

OWWA OFW e-Card Frequently Ask Questions

What if I’m exempted from getting OEC?

A: All the balik-manggagawa who are exempted from getting OEC should register at POEA Balik-Manggagawa Online to get their BM Exemption Number. Instead of OEC Number, OFWs may use the BM Exemption Number on the Online Application Form for the OWWA OFW e-Card.

How can I get my OWWA OFW e-Card?

A: On the Online Application Form, you will have the opportunity to choose from any OWWA Regional Welfare Offices where you would like to get your OWWA OFW e-Card.

Can I still apply for OWWA OFW e-Card if I’m still abroad?

A: Yes, you can still apply. If you’re a balik-manggagawa that is still abroad, you may apply for the OWWA OFW e-Card online through OWWA’s website. As of the moment, the pickup location for the OFW e-Card is limited on the OWWA Regional Welfare Offices in the Philippines. Thus, you may obtain it once you are back in the Philippines.

Can I get my OWWA OFW e-Card even if I’m abroad?

A: Yes, you may still get it. All you have to do is present an authorization letter to a relative together with photocopy of your Passport Identification Page and present this to the chosen OWWA Regional Welfare Office.

What if I’ve lost my OWWA OFW e-Card?

A: The OWWA OFW e-Card will be free of charge for the first application. Get in touch with the nearest OWWA Regional Welfare Office for further information on how you can get another OWWA OFW e-Card in replacement of the lost one.

Requirements for OWWA Membership

1. Go to the Philippine Embassy and fill out the application form for OWWA Membership
2. Bring the following documents:
a. Employment Pass / S Pass/ Work Permit Card
b. Passport
c. Accomplished OWWA Information Sheet
d. Membership Fee
e. Original and photocopy of Contract of Employment
3. Application for OWWA Membership is processed every Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 AM to 12:00 NN and 01:00 PM to 05:00 PM.
4. If all requirements are submitted, you will receive the OWWA Membership within that day.


OWWA, in aide to the financial concerns of many OFWs, provides several loan programs that will help them in various aspects of their lives. Some of these financial assistance programs are Collateral Loan Window that is under OWWA’s National Livelihood Support Fund (NLSG) and Livelihood and Development Program that are ideal for OFWs who aspires to become entrepreneurs.

As per OWWA’s rules and regulations, interested applicants that may come as individual or groups can borrow a maximum account of ₱200,000.00 (individual) and ₱100,000.00 (group). But before being granted of this loan, you must be under any of the following criteria:

  1. Purchasing retail supplies or raw materials
  2. Acquiring Machines or equipment
  3. Construction or renovation of business establishments
  4. Healthcare
  5. Agri-business
  6. Tourism
  7. Education
  8. Transport Service

Aside from aforementioned loan programs, OWWA together with DTI offer Enterprise Development and Loan Program wherein you can avail from ₱100,000.00 to ₱2M. OWWA has also the Reintegration Program that aims to give Filipino workers livelihood skills. In partnership with Land Bank of the Philippines and Development Bank of the Philippines, here’s the specification of the loan program:

  1. For OFWs who are active members of OWWA
  2. 7.5% interest rate for both short and long-term loans
  3. Loan amount that can be borrowed may range from ₱100,000.00 to ₱2M
  4. The business proposal should at least have ₱10,000.00 net income monthly
  5. Security for the loan are REM, Chattel Mortgage, Deed of Assignment, Hold-Out on Deposit

Requirements for applying for OWWA Loan

Interested OFWs will have to fill out application forms from the OWWA Regional Office and bring the following documents:
1 For Individual borrowers:
a. POEA Employment Certificate / Passport with POEA-LAC stamp, OFW e-Card / OWWA Information sheet;
b. Business Plan;
c. Biodata;
d. Assets and liabilities statement;
e. Financial Statement (if applicable);
f. Business Permit; and
g. Other collateral papers
If a family member will be applying in your part, the following should be submitted:
a. If spouse of the OFW – marriage contract and consent; and
b. For single – Birth Certificate and authorization letter
2 For individuals borrowing as a group:
a. POEA Employment Certificate / Passport with POEA-LAC stamp, OFW e-Card / OWWA Information sheet;
b. Business feasibility study;
c. Financial Statement (if applicable);
d. Ownership Titles or Collateral Papers;
e. If non-collateral loan window, submit a promissory note;
f. Should be registered and member of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for corporations, Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) for cooperatives and Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) for associations.

Process of OWWA Loan Application

A Filipino overseas worker that has a valid contract, whether working on a direct company or an agency. A bona fide member of OWWA
1 All applicants should attend and complete the Enterprise Development Training (EDT) to further have knowledge on business. They also help in assisting the OFWs in making an effective business plan.
2 Along with the aforementioned requirements, applicants should also submit their OWWA Membership, Certificate of Attendance from EDT and two (2) valid IDs.
3 The Business Plan should be then submitted to the Land Bank of the Philippines after this has been endorsed and certified by OWWA. Aside from evaluation the business plan submitted, the borrower(s) will undergo background check in terms of credit history to determine if they have good payment behavior.
4 It will take at least forty-five (45) days to process the loan application that is why it is necessary to ensure that you have completed all the requirements needed.

How to Check OWWA OFW e-CARD Status?

Owwa Tracker

ecard owwa application form tracker.

Fields: Most forms are These are boxes into which you type information.
Step 1: Please enter your tracking no. or.
Step 2: Please enter your passport no.
Step 3: Birth Date.
Step 4:
and Click Submit

And the Results = Name, Tracking No. Delivery Status.

Complete List of OWWA-POLO Offices [Updated]

Here are the list of OWWA-POLO Offices all over the world:

Abu Dhabi
Address: Philippine Embassy, Villa # 8, St. No. 8, Sector 94, Zone 2, Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Email Address: /
Contact Number: (9712) 639-0024(DL) / 658-2889 / 639-0023

Address: Philippine Overseas Labor Office, P.O. Box 94366, Riyadh 11693, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Email Address: /
Contact Number: (9663)894-1846 / 894-2890, (9665) 01269742

Address: Philippine Embassy, No. 1 Moonah Place, Yarralumla, ACT 2600, Australia
Email Address:
Contact Number: (612)6273-8882

Address: Philippine Embassy, Villa 939 Road 3220, Blk 334, Mahooz Area, Kingdom of Bahrain
Email Address: /
Contact Number: (973)177-40951 / 177-21234 / 177-40139 / 177-40751

Brunei Darrusalam
Address: Philippine Embassy, Simpang 336, Diplomatic Enclave, Kampung Kianggeh Jalan Kebangsaan, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam
Email Address: /
Contact Number: (6732) 237-052 (DL) / 236-981 Hotline: 874-1972 / 883-0933

Dubai, UAE
Address: Philippine Overseas Labor Office, Beirut Street No. 35A Al Qusais 3, Community 234, , Dubai UAE
Email Address: /
Contact Number: (9714) 220-7011 / 265-9974

Address: Philippine Mission to the United Nations, 47 Avenue Blanc 1202 Geneva, Switzerland
Email Address: /
Contact Number:(4122) 716-1930

Address: Philippine Embassy, 158 Sevastoupoleus St., Ambelokipi, Athens, Greece
Email Address: /
Telefax: (30210) 698-3335

Hong Kong
Address: Philippine Consulate General, 14/F United Center, 95 Queensway, Admiralty, Hongkong
Email Address:
Contact Number: (852) 2823-8567
Address: Philippine Consulate General, Umm Al Qurah Street, Al Rehab District 3, P.O. Box 16254, Jeddah 21464
Email Address: /
Contact Number:(9662) 676-3966

Address: Philippine Overseas Labor Office, No.6, Al Thiyabat Street, TLA Al-Ali, Amman, Jordan
Contact Number: (9626) 535-0169 / 535-0293

Address: MECO Labor Center, 9F-2 No. 80 Grand 50 Tower, Mintzu First Road, San Min District, Kaohsuing City, Taiwan
Email Address: /
Contact Number: (8867)398-2475 / 398-7078

Address: Philippine Embassy, No. 5-1 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Email Address: /
Contact Number: (822)3785-3634 / 35

Kuala Lumpur
Address: Philippine Embassy, No. 1 Changkat Kia Peng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Email Address: /
Contact Number: (603) 2145-9485 / 2142-5299 / 2143-3361

Address: Philippine Embassy, Block 7, St 103 Villa No 44, Jabriya, P.O. Box 26288, Code 13123, State of Kuwait
Email Address:
Contact Number: (965) 2532-5162 (DL) / 5167 / 5164 / 2534-2109 / 2534-6507 / 2534-6508

Address: Philippine Embassy, 1/F and 2/F Building No. 29, Plot 511, Charles Malek Avenue, Ashrafieh Beirut, Lebanon
Email Address:
Contact Number: (9611) 204-328

Address: Philippine Embassy, Gargaresh Road, Km. 7, Hay Andalous, Tripoli, Libya
Email Address: /
Contact Number: (21821) 483-7059 (FWRC/OWWA)

Address: Philippine Embassy, 6 Suffolk Street, London, SW1Y 4HG
Email Address: /
Contact Number: (44207) 451-1832 / 451-1833 / 839-8039

Macau (HK extension office)
Address: Philippine Consulate General, Unit 1407, 14/F AIA Tower 251-A 301, Avenida Commercial de Macau, Macau SAR
Email Address: /
Contact Number: (853) 2871-5039

Address: Philippine Overseas Labor Office, Calle Alcala 149, 2B, 28009, Madrid, Spain
Email Address: / /
Contact Number: (3491) 781-8624 / 7818626 (OWWA)

Address: Philippine Consulate General, Via Stromboli 1, 20144 Milan, Italy
Email Address:
Contact Number: (3902) 435-11524 / 435-11529 loc 214/219

Address: Philippine Embassy, P.O. Box 50420 Postal Code 115, Madeinath Qaboos, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
Email Address: /
Contact Number: (96824) 605-143

Address: Philippine Embassy, P.O. Box 94366, Riyadh 11693, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Email Address:
Contact Number:(9661) 480-6593

Address: Philippine Embassy, 4040 Al-Wahda St., West Bay, Doha, State of Qatar
Email Address: /
Contact Number: (974) 44861-220 (DL) / 44870-487 (OWWA)

Address: Philippine Embassy, P.O. Box 94366 Riyadh 11693, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Email Address:
Contact Number: (9661)483-2201 to 03

Address: Philippine Embassy, Via Delle Medaglie D’Oro, 112-114, 00136 Rome, Italy
Email Address:
Contact Number: (3906) 397-46101 / 397-51751 (OWWA) / 397-21505 (SSS)

Address: Philippine Embassy, 20 Nassim Road, Singapore 258395
Email Address: /
Contact Number: (65) 6835-3780 / 6733-2991 / 6834-1690 / 6732-7509 (OWWA)

Address: Philippine Embassy, 56 Hamze IBM Abdul Mutaleb Street, West Mezzeh, Damascus, Syria
Contact Number: (96311) 612-5138 / 613-2626

Address: MECO Labor Center, Cathay Insurance Chung Gang Bldg., 4/F, Suite 2A, Min Chuan Road cor. Taichung Gang Road, Taichung City, Taiwan
Email Address: /
Contact Number: (88642)302-9089 / 302-9093 (OWWA)

Address: MECO Labor Center 11F, 176 Chang Chun Road, Chung Shan District,10479 Taipei City, Taiwan
Email Address: /
Contact Number: (8862)250-79803 to 04 / 250-79812

Address: Philippine Embassy, 1-15-5 Roppongi Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Email Address: /
Contact Number: (813) 5562-1573 / 5562-1574 / 5562-1600 (OWWA)

Address: Philippine Consulate General, 161 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 801, Toronto, Ontario
M4P 1J5 Canada
Email Address: /
Contact Number: (1416) 975-8252

Address: Philippine Consulate General, Philippine Overseas Labor Office, 410-675 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 1N2
Contact Number: (1604) 682-5770

Washington D.C.
Address: Philippine Embassy, 1600 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036
Email Address:
Contact Number: (1202) 467-9425 to 26 (DL)

For more information, you may reach OWWA Membership Processing Center through their local number: 891 7601 local 5702/5704 or 09179681563, e-mail them at For POEA, you may e-mail them at or call them at 705 129 / 722 2873.

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Thank u for my successfully applied for ofw ecard,just wating the response to pick up,


Hi, tried to create an account but after I fill up the necessary information (including my latest OEC number), and click the “Register OFW Account” nothing is happening. There is a very small message pop up on the right corner of the screen saying “for further verification please proceed to the nearest POEA office”. I thought this is 1st step to get OFW ID card online, I can not even create an account. I am already registered OFW (I have OFW ID number) and I have balik manggagawa online account. Do I have to go POEA office to create this… Read more »

Ruben Domingo
Ruben Domingo

Cannot make an account although I have it on BM.
Below is the “Info” Upon checking the site, and my OEC dated January 18, 2017 meaning I am not yet included.
I do not know why there is a reference date?

“The system will only accepts OEC number/exemption number with validity date from October 10, 2017 onwards.”


No luck, even after several attempts. I have OEC issued Dec. 3, 2017 for my upcoming scheduled vacation. But registration is not successful with error “For further verification, please proceed to nearest POEA office.” I read some comments and some also have similar issues like me without any response yet Admin how to fix the issue. Is the system still a work-in-progress???

Mariano Pefanco jr.
Mariano Pefanco jr.

Your e-card link is not functional, I can not access


Most likely, the cut off date of October 10, 2017 is when the iDOLE system becomes operational. (although with some limitations). Perhaps, all other OECs issued before October 10, 2017 will not be accurate reference/s, thus the starting date of October 10, 2017.
And also notable is the means of delivery is only by pick-up to around 6 or 7 POEA offices in the Philippines.

Ma. Luisa L. Gomez
Ma. Luisa L. Gomez

@Leo so this means that u still need to go to a POEA office for verification. Just like how we acquired the BM Online registration.

aliping walang kabuluhan
aliping walang kabuluhan

i managed to complete my registration!


iDOLE ID online application is initially available to Balik-Manggagawa(worker-on-leave) with passport issued date July 2016 or newer. Even if may new OEC ka na or exempted but yung passport mo was issued before July 2016, you cannot create an account.

Charlie kutey
Charlie kutey

How many days maybe before the delivery of the idole card?

taikido kali
taikido kali

hello, are Filipinos who serve in the military from a different country and became a citizen of that country, will they still be considered as OFW? or this is only for Filipino citizens? I appreciate your reply. thanks.

noah stjames

I followed the link and procedures just now however pick up is through POEA designated areas only. Also date of pick up not scheduled. Better call POEA pick up area phone no. before going on site.

Teresa Ferrer Reducto
Teresa Ferrer Reducto

Hi I want to apply idole card they need a previous oec..I lost my oec before and I forget my email . how can I get my oec previous number before.. .so that if I want to get new oec in online only..I need to know my previous number oec before.


I tried and filled all information but nothing is happening.

Josendo F. Navarro
Josendo F. Navarro

i completed the registration for this OFW ID, but the pick up point is only in the philippines and not in the working place in abroad (for me is QATAR). and also the celphone no. is for philippinbe celphone (for me i registered the CP of my wife) only and not my CP here in my work, place.
How can i get my OFW ID in POEA oRTIGAS if I’m working here in abroad. Can they send this ID to OWWA office in Qatar for me to pick up easily rather than going to Philippines?
Than you very much


i try many times but, i cant not create my account…my oec is jan 12 2018….. For further varification nearest POEA OFFICE.




How to upload the picture?and telling click transaction where I will found that one?Pahirap parin kahit sa pagregister

Sherwin Padilla
Sherwin Padilla


Hindi po ako nakarecieve ng confirmation Email para ma access ho po yung Idole account ko though ginamit ko is my company email account.
Can you advise please.

mar dj
mar dj

I think we are getting different errors. With regard to my case, I was able to successfully register but on the part about the Pick-up option after clicking on Submit then nothing is happening. It was a dead end.
And I have sent an Email to POEA regarding this but until no response from them.
Kindly update here if any one successfully processed the OFW ID.


Create your OFW One-Stop-Shop Account – para magapag register ka dyan dapat ang OEC mo dated Oct 16,2017 onwards.Pano po ung may Oec per expired na or issued last April 2017. ano dapat naming gawin para makapag register at makakuha ng OFW ID? Please paki sagot naman po


hello, created an account yesterday and I realized I input wrong email address. Recreated my account with correct email address and now it’s not accepting my entry since the account name is already existing. can you help me check or get back to me so I can file my ofw id? thank you so much. And also kindly add support link on your website so it is easy for us to contact you once we have trouble on signing and logging in to our account.


i cannot open the site…

rogelio porras
rogelio porras

may OEC po ako dati at yun ay last 2015 pa at isa pa po,ngayong 2017 nag change ako ng ibang company at balak ko sana kumuha ng IDOLE dto sa dubai bago umuwi ng bansa ,,, paano po ba ang proseso at ano po ang mga kailangang papel para makakuha nito..


I tried today to register but still I’m getting that very small message pop up on the right corner of the screen saying “for further verification please proceed to the nearest POEA office”.

Paul Bade

it still under construction i think, you can now register your account but still going to wait for the appointment and I think the it still lacks of pick-up location for OFW in abroad.


Done online application but no Email Confirmation receive…how to proceed?


I have successfully created the idole account, but im having hard time in uploading the id picture as there is no options and links to use with…it says, :pls. Acquire ofw id by clicking id transactions” but still, no options! Ano ba naman yan, magla-launch ng ganito ang poea at dole eh hindi naman accurate ang system nila, they are just making ofw’s got confused!


Same issue with Arlyn. Already registered but cant upload photo for there is no options on how to do so. Is the site having a problem or what? Pls help po. Paano po gagawin to upload a photo and to continue the application?

Eleuterio Lulo

I have not received in my E-mail my activation link, please resend.


I just finished making the iDOLE account online, but the problem is the photo itself in the profile cannot be updated and i cannot proceed to the transaction without that photo. pls help


hello my idole account cannot be activated because the activation link is deleted any help to resend a activation link to my email

Yra Dennisse B. Capili
Yra Dennisse B. Capili

This only works for OFW member who currently holds valid OEC Number. I was trying to register my details using my OEC number but error prompts saying that “OEC is expired”. and for us to get OEC, we should book a flight first because thats one of the main requirement from the Consulate to acquire valid OEC(this scenario applies here in UAE). I hope this also works for OFW member who have their OEC for a period of 2 years from the date of issue. Hence we can use the old OEC number to register and be eligible for idole… Read more »

Alma B.Elacion
Alma B.Elacion

I received email from DOLE that i am successful iDOLE registrants but i dont know how to pay online, so i click it to pick up in Ortigas Poea i ask to my daughter to pick up and pay directly to your office is it ok.? THANK YOU.


Successfully created my account at One Stop Shop. Uploaded photo, uploaded signature, uploaded acknowledgement. Just wait when I able to collect my OFW ID. Excited much. 🙂

Is there anyone knows how long it takes to have your OFW ID ready for collection?


anu ba naman to di ba pweding deritso nalang sa embassy para kunin ang ID .
pahirap pa rin ……


iDOLE ID online application is initially available to Balik-Manggagawa(worker-on-leave) with passport issued date July 2016 or newer, with exemption number/oec number validity date from November 21, 2017 onwards and with updated OWWA membership.I believe the two condition must be met before an OFW can apply online.


Mga katulad Kong OFW’s madali lang pong mag register…. Pasukan nyo po ang website
then, sign in kung meron na kayong email account. And be sure, use COMPUTER para maging successful ang pag register….


Pwede po ba mapalitan ang email account na ginamit ko? Nagmali po kasi ako ng lagay imbis na gmail, yahoo ang naitype ko. Dko tuloy maverify.

Federico III Vaplor
Federico III Vaplor

bakit d pede maka apply pag exempted ilan beses ko na try ayaw tlga 5 years nako trabaho sa abroad same employer hinde pede gamitin exemption number?


Good day . I entered wrong email in my online application for OFW ID.
How can I change my email so i can validate it ?
Thank you and more power.. help please..


I was able to create an account on IDOLE website, filled up all the required information and uploaded photo, signature & acknowledgement receipt but could not proceed. Please advise.

ferlyn alam-am
ferlyn alam-am

Tanong Lang poh Naka register na ako NG idole pro was nka lagay of I. D tapos ndicate click transactions was naman lomalabas PA help poh.. How to solve Thanks God bless

Generick Aguinaldo
Generick Aguinaldo

I tried several times to register for OFW E Card, but to no avail. It says enter your last EOC Exemption number, I entered my last OEC Exemption but it did not accept. It says OED Invalid. Then I tried to go through again to make new exemption, but still the website is not accepting, what do we need to do? I have been an OWWA member and Balik Manggagawa in KSa for 5 years now, please help and advise.

jaime coronacion dayrit
jaime coronacion dayrit

oec ko na issued last june 20 2018 bago umalis ako ng pinas now nag apply ako ng ofw card today december 03 2018… pag katapos kong i submit expire daw ang oec ko.. 6 months lang ba ang duration ng oec?..


3 Chose which OWWA Regional Office you’d like to obtain your OFW e-Card. You may get e-Card in POEA Head Office, POEA Regional Office in Cebu City, OWWA Head Office, Singapore and U.A.E (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) – Wala po sa pickup selection ang Singapore and UAE. Papano po namin mairerequest na ipadala sa ibang bansa?


How long does it take for the e-card to be picked up?


Bakit amg hirap mag apply online nyang ofw ecard n yan ang laging lumalabas “please settle or update your owwa membership before you proced” valid p ung owwa q till february pero dahil d aq makapag apply online ng ofw ecard n yan pag dting q d2 s manila nirenew q agad owwa membership q khit valid p hoping n mkakapag apply n aq for that id but still ganun parin i need to update daw my owwa.. crazy useless..

Maryam Becios Indanan
Maryam Becios Indanan

Ang aking OWWA OFW e-Card ay hindi po tinanggap ng Check in Gulf Air attendant for flight GF 155 last Jan 5, 2019. Wala daw silang alam tungkol dito. Sabi ng attendant sa check-in counter na hindi nila e recognize or e honor ang OFW e-Card at ang kailangan nila ay OEC. Kahit kausapin ko pa raw ang Manager ng Gulf Air hindi talaga nila tatanggapin ang OFW-e Card ko. So wala rin silbi at halaga ang OFW e-Card kung hindi rin na educate at na update ang mga airport and airline employees about OFW e-Card.


anyone knows how they know that their ecard is ready for pick up?need reply asap thanks